October 2020

AAWCC Oregon
Fall 2020 Newsletter
AAWCC Oregon Annual Fall Conference:

2020: The Year We've Been Waiting For?!
Doreen Dodgen- Magee, Psy.D
Following the overwhelming success of our summer conference, the AAWCC Oregon board moved forward with plans to deliver our annual fall conference remotely. While we do wish we could be together in person (it will happen again someday, really!), we have found that our membership can also enjoy the energy of meeting together virtually.

The conference will be held on November 12 and 13, 2020 - Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Registration is now open, and the cost of attendance is just $25.

Featured speakers are award winning author, speaker and psychologist Doreen Dodgen-Magee, Psy.D., and Portland Community College Dean of Student Engagement Lauren Smith. There will also be breakout sessions to choose from, as well as a Zoom painting party on Thursday night (at an extra cost). For more information about the conference and how to register, visit the Fall Conference page on our website by clicking below:
"What if 2020 is the year we’ve been waiting for? ⁣A year so uncomfortable, so painful, so scary, so raw — that it finally forces us to grow. "⁣A year that screams so loud, finally awakening us from our ignorant slumber.⁣ A year we finally accept the need for change.⁣ Declare change. Work for change. Become the change."
"A year we finally band together, instead of⁣ pushing each other further apart.⁣⁣ 2020 isn’t canceled, but rather ⁣the most important year of them all.”⁣ Leslie Dwight
President's Message
by Donna Lewelling
Hello AAWCC Family,
As we begin the transition into fall and the leaves change colors around us, I’m taking a few minutes to dig deep and find some positive things to remember about 2020. I have to be honest, it was hard at first to think what could possibly be positive about a year that has included a pandemic, racial injustice, wildfires, and let’s not forget killer hornets. I’m sure each of us knows someone who has been affected by the events of 2020. That someone might actually be you or your family. Many of us have had to adjust our world and readjust as the “rules” keep changing.
That being said, I have seen some beautiful moments come from 2020. Children getting to spend more time with their families and technology that was once used primarily for work is now being used to connect families across the world. People are slowing down. Things like going to the store require patience and grace, you can’t just run in and run out, which gives you a few more moments to chat with the person behind you in line and share some compassion with a stranger. Communities have rallied around important issues and have advocated for much needed change. And while there have been negative actions by some, the message of change is still in the air and being heard. Neighbors have come together to protect each other and their homes from wildfire. Others who have lost their homes due to fire, have been surrounded by whole communities from across the state in an effort to provide them some comfort and sense of support.
Perhaps one of the things I am most thankful for is all of you. The members of AAWCC who come together and support each other even when there isn’t an emergency. It’s the encouragement to go after our dreams and pursue our passions. Those gifts transcend time and situations. They lift us up when we need it the most and help carry us when we aren’t sure we can go on. It’s what makes AAWCC so important to me, and I’m sure to many of you.
I’d encourage all of you in a quiet moment to take time to reflect on 2020 and find at least one thing you can be thankful for. Write it down. Put it on your refrigerator, stick it to your laptop, or share it on social media. As our fall conference theme states… What if 2020 really is the year we’ve been waiting for!?
Looking forward to “seeing” you this fall at our virtual conference.
Be well,
Donna Lewelling
AAWCC Oregon President
Being Courageous at the AAWCC Summer Conference
AAWCC Oregon held its first-ever virtual conference this past summer. We've all had to be more courageous this year, but we are overcoming adversity in 2020 with the courage we have gained through our connections and friendships such as those we have formed in AAWCC.

The conference featured speakers Donna Lewelling, Gloria Coleman, and Beth Pinchot presenting on Being Courageous At Work, At Home, and At Play. There were also mini-mega breakout sessions on meal preparation and Zoom fashion tips. Nearly 200 community college women registered for the event, and several met up after the conference for "happy hour."

A big thanks to our Summer Conference team, Adrienne Ochs and Teri Olsen, and to all of you who attended, making it a successful, educational, and much needed event.
Screenshot from Summer Conference and Word Cloud from Zoom chat (above)
Nominations Sought for Leadership Awards
In the spirit of recognizing and celebrating the talents of women all around Oregon, the AAWCC-Oregon Board is accepting nominations for the prestigious 2020 Carolyn DesJardins Leadership Award and the Community College Excellence Awards. Nominations are now being accepted through November 3, 2020.

Please visit our website for more information. Recipients of awards do not need to be members of AAWCC.
2019 Carolyn DesJardins Award Winner Vivi Caleffi Prichard
Be sure to vote in the upcoming November election. Thank you, Suffragettes!!
Campus Connections
The following news comes from chapters and campuses at community colleges from around the state. What's happening on your campus?
Chemeketa Community College
By Lynn Irvin

In June, the Chemeketa chapter held a Zoom lunch session on Race Relations In America facilitated by Vivi Caleffi Prichard, Diversity and Equity Officer, and winner of AAWCC-Oregon chapter's prestigious 2019 Carolyn DesJardins award. 

Currently, the chapter is excitedly planning a game show that is a take-off of Hollywood Squares. It's called "Chemeketa Squares" and will be Zoomed. We think the Zoom format will work great with the Hollywood Squares theme. The questions will be tied to a 100-year anniversary celebration of women's suffrage. 
Southwestern Oregon Community College
By Amy Smith

Happy Fall! As AAWCC of Southwestern Oregon Community College begins the Fall Term differently, we look at what has not changed. What has not changed is our ability to meet via Zoom and enjoy everyone’s company virtually. Although there are protocols and regulations that are set in place, we can still be here for our current members, prospective members, and students. Due to Covid-19, we are holding virtual events instead. We have an event already scheduled for Fall term: Lunch-and-Learn with Emily Price on Resilience, and we will also be holding virtual membership meetings. 

SWOCC AAWCC has a new VP of Finance, Karen Schaefer. Karen will serve as the Interim VP of Finance as she is a student volunteer for this Fall; please join us as we welcome Karen to our team.

Our chapter recognizes two “Members of the Month” for October, Sheri Graves and Lisa Fletcher. Sheri says: “Being a member of AAWCC has provided me the opportunity to network with other women in higher education. Sharing diverse ideas, harnessing our different strengths, and gaining new experiences has been a positive influence in my life.” And Lisa states: “AAWCC has impacted my life in so many ways both personally and professionally. They are such an inspiring group of women, locally, statewide and nationally, who have lifted me up, inspired me and given me confidence. Attending the Oregon Institute for Leadership Development (OILD) was life changing, and I encourage all of you to attend if you haven’t already. I’m proud to be a member of the state board and am thrilled to help put on the amazing conferences!”
Sheri Graves, SWOCC Member of the Month
Lisa Fletcher, SWOCC Member of the Month
Linn-Benton Community College
By Cindy Sparks

After some wonderful programs in the fall and winter terms (“Cupcake Decorating Techniques,” “Doggie Day,” and “Making Your Own Salves and Tinctures”), we had a robust schedule planned for our campus during spring term, and then….the Pandemic hit! Unfortunately, our spring schedule was postponed (hoping for the best), and then eventually canceled. As everyone was reeling from the multiple shut-downs and mandates, we needed to find a way to stay connected. Our Secretary, Marci Johnston, had a creative idea to engage the campus in a rock painting contest. Everyone was asked to paint rocks (words of encouragement, flowers, animals, designs, etc.), place them in our neighborhoods, yards, and gardens, and then take a picture of them. This helped give us something positive to focus on in the midst of uncertainty.

Throughout the summer, our President (now Past President), Amanda Stanley, was instrumental in helping countless students in need with financial assistance and referrals to community services through her role as Program Coordinator of the Roadrunner Resource Center. We are very proud of our AAWCC members here at LBCC.

As we enter fall term, our Executive Team is busy putting together programming that will be both fun and informative for our campus through the medium of Zoom. Our hope is to gain members and generate more scholarship monies for our students. Bring it on!
Linn-Benton CC Rock Painting
AAWCC Board of Directors
President - Donna Lewelling
Past President - Lynn Irvin
President Elect - Teri Olsen
VP Communications - Donna Zmolek
VP Summer Conference - Adrienne Ochs
VP Finance - Lisa Fletcher-Gordon
VP Records - Lauren Smith
VP Membership & Registration - Kristina Holton
VP Special Projects - Irene Carrillo
VP Special Projects - Amber Fultz
VP Web Development - Lydia Rediske
VP OILD - Sydney Frost
National AAWCC Rep - Cherie Maas-Anderson
President Emerita - Karin Magnuson
Ex-Officio Members - Cam Preus, Mary Spilde
See you virtually at the Fall Conference!
November 12 and 13, 2020
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