AAWCC Oregon Chapter Spring Newsletter 2022

Our mission is to inspire, champion, and celebrate the talents within each of us.

Message from the President


Let's Groove Together

Oregon community colleges come alive in the spring with the sights and sounds of renewal, rebirth, and change. So many changes! This year in particular, spring feels especially joyful and fulfilling as our communities open and we begin to see more of our students and colleagues in person. All these changes can also be unnerving or bewildering with ongoing questions. 

Finding Your Groove may be a means of building some stabilizing structure to handle whatever the road brings. Keep in mind, I am not talking about a “rut”, I am talking about groooovin’

Grooving means finding that sweet spot where ideas flow, energy builds, and where I feel most effective. Groove is mojo! It is where I am comfortable within myself and my environment. And, when I find others who are grooving along with me, it creates a synergy for positive changes.

Please join us at the Summer Conference 2022: Finding Y(our) Groove! Hear from others who have forged this road before us, learn ways to roll into retirement, and ways to find your groove at work. See you there!

-Teri Olsen

AAWCC Oregon President

Get Ready for Summer Conference!

Special thanks to Amber Fultz for her work planning Summer Conference July 14 at Oregon Garden Resort in Silverton.

The conference is in-person with social distancing in mind and plenty of beautiful outdoor garden space to reconnect and appreciate each other and nature.

The conference theme is "Finding Y(our) Groove," and while planning is still in progress, Amber has confirmed Moe Carrick of Bend as a speaker to inspire us and set the tone for the conference.

Be on the lookout for more details and registration information later this term.


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National Board Positions Open

Nominations for the AAWCC National Board are now open, including the Region 8 seat that includes Oregon and VP of Membership. Nominations are due by April 15 and should be sent via this online form. Nominations include the position sought, the nominee's name, email, college, and a brief bio (300 words max). The National Board shared this letter with information about the open positions.

The District 8 position is currently held by Oregon AAWCC VP of Special Projects Lynn Irvin, who is not seeking reelection due to her upcoming retirement. Fellow Oregon AAWCC board member Cherie Maas-Anderson currently holds the VP of Membership position on the national board.

Lynn encourages AAWCC Oregon members to consider national board service to ensure Oregon and our region continue to be represented and invites those interested to contact her with questions at lynn.irvin@chemeketa.edu.

Join us in congratulating Lynn and Cherie for their service on the national and state boards and their commitment to community colleges in Oregon.

Lynn held the District 8 national position for the past three years, is a longtime state board member, and is a past president and founding member of the Chemeketa Community College AAWCC chapter. She'll retire in June after 25 years at Chemeketa. We chatted with Lynn about her leadership experiences with AAWCC.

Lynn headshot 2-18 PP.jpg

Three Questions with ... Lynn Irvin

Q: How has your service on the national board impacted your professional development? 

 A: My service on all three boards has given me so much joy and the professional development is almost beyond measure. I am comfortable speaking to a crowd. I am comfortable making new connections not just at my community college, but across the nation. I have presented at conferences and coordinated so many large events, like the Oregon summer and fall conference, the Oregon Institute for Leadership Development and helped with the national conference. I have attended the national LEADERS institute and I made friends and colleagues across the nation. I have helped start up and organize several new chapters and been a speaker at a number of their events. Last year, I was named woman of the year by the San Diego chapter which is part of my region as a national member.

Leadership is the one word I would use to describe serving on any board. Probably the highlight of my national board experience is the networking and connections that I have made all over the nation. 

Q: What advice do you have for an AAWCC member considering national board service?

A: I would advise anyone considering national board service to check with their supervisor and to build in time on your schedule for board meetings and meetings with chapters in your region. Also, there are meetings held in various parts of the country and you will need to attend. A small travel budget is included with the position but you will need to take time from work and your college may have to cover costs that are not included in the travel budget. That’s why I recommend a conversation with your supervisor.

Q: What will you miss about working in community colleges?

A: I am going to miss my colleagues, the students and my job! I love them all! It is difficult to leave a position that gives me joy, challenges me and fills me with such pride!  

Ambassador Roundup


Campus Ambassadors

Each campus chapter has an "ambassador" who serves as a liaison to the state board. This group meets with our President Elect, currently Lori Wamsley, with a goal to strengthen connections across our chapters and create a network of support and engagement. If you would like to learn more about AAWCC Ambassadors or would like to become the Ambassador for your institution, contact Lori Wamsley.

2022 Campus Ambassadors

  • Blue Mountain CC - Velda Arnaud
  • Central Oregon CC - Lisa Chitwood
  • Chemeketa CC - Lynn Irvin
  • Clackamas CC - Teresa Robertson
  • Clatsop CC - Stephanie Homer
  • Columbia CC - Courtney Judah
  • Community Colleges and Workforce Development - Kasena Dailey
  • Klamath CC - Shannon Childs
  • Lane CC - Amanda Blunt
  • Linn-Benton CC - Marci Johnston
  • Mt. Hood CC- Felisha Brewer
  • Oregon Coast CC - Kathleen Andrews
  • OCCA - Katie Archambault
  • Portland CC- Cheri Maas-Anderson
  • Rogue CC - Donna Plummer
  • Southwestern Oregon CC - Anna Cole
  • Tillamook Bay CC - Britney Noel
  • Treasure Valley CC - Gina Roper
  • Umpqua CC - Joy Yori


Campus Ambassadors provided the following updates to share with our state membership in support of our mission to inspire, champion, and celebrate the talents within each of us. Thank you to each of our campus leaders and members for moving work forward and setting goals for reenagement. May we each support each other as we "spring" forward.


Chemeketa Community College AAWCC celebrated Women's History Month and participated in the AAWCC National Day of Dialogue on March 4. The theme was Climate Justice is Justice for Women. We hosted an AAWCC book/movie/guilty pleasure lunchtime sharing session on March 14 and created a list of recommendations. If anyone wants the list, please contact Lynn Irvin.

On, March 31, we hosted a Chemeketa Squares game show trivia contest re: women's history facts. Submitted by Lynn Irvin.


Lane's AAWCC chapter has been on a bit of a hiatus for a multitude of reasons, but we are preparing to finish the academic year strong and gear up for an exciting new year! We have lost some pivotal board members because they have moved on from the organization for some amazing career opportunities and we wish them well. However, this opens up an opportunity to rejuvenate the board composition, and ultimately, the chapter itself.  

In March for Women's History Month, we encouraged members to attend a panel discussion on "Redefining Work: Learning from Pandemic Lessons," moderated by our college president that featured Chemeketa's president and other women leaders. Here's a recording of the event.

Future plans are to do some educational outreach on what AAWCC is to have a fruitful board election and attract new members. We also have a leadership panel planned that focuses on things like navigating career moves and self care. As we move into the next chapter, we would like to revisit events such as the luncheon with our college president, Palantine's Day and feminine hygiene drive for students, and rock painting socials. Submitted by Amanda Blunt.


This year, the Linn-Benton Community College AAWCC Chapter held virtual general meetings 2-3 times per term on a variety of topics such as: "Art in our lives," "Secrets to Improving your Health (that don't include intense exercise) and a "Getting to know our Executive Board Members (Q&A) session."

For Working Women's Day instead of our usual in-person formal tea, we had a speaker talk about all types of teas, different ways of making tea and we sent sample tea bags in the mail/campus mail for us to try the sample at home/office. Coming up we will be celebrating Earth Day with a speaker talking on "Gardening for the Five Senses." In November, we encouraged our members to attend the "HER Conference" and in December, we held a virtual silent auction and raised $800 for scholarships. We recently added 10 $250 emergency grants that students can apply for for things such as a car repair, gas vouchers, etc. to help keep them in school. 

We miss doing in-person events but are glad we have been able to connect with each other through Zoom (the new phrase that previous generations wouldn't understand..."Let's Zoom for a virtual lunch meeting!") Currently, we have a member of AAWCC whose family member has cancer. She mentioned that the support of the AAWCC women that she has connected with have brightened her days and been a great support to her. Being a part of AAWCC really brings together those around campus who support each other personally and professionally. What a gift that is! We're all in this together! Submitted by Marci Johnston.


MHCC had casual monthly check-ins with members for the first year and engagement tapered off as the pandemic continued. Our chapter adopts a family in need for the holidays in our “Something Wonderful” event. We are hoping to do some charitable clothing drives for the community and other things when campus is opened back up more. Submitted by Felisha Brewer.


Following two years of COVID, Rogue Community College will once again be hosting our bi-annual

spring/fall student and staff clothing sale. The event will be held at the Redwood Campus on April 20 from 8 am to 4 pm in the Student Center. The proceeds from the sale go directly to support scholarships for our RCC students through the Rogue Foundation. All items left at the end of the day are picked up by the Grants Pass Gospel Rescue Mission for their clients. All items are sold for $1 each until 3 pm when anyone can take an entire bag of clothes for $1. Items are donated by staff and community members (unworn items too) and all are invited to shop! Submitted by Donna Plummer.

Engagement Corner


Slack That!

In response to our communications survey, many of you shared that you'd appreciate informal ways to engage with each other and build connections with other members throughout the year. We think the messaging app, Slack can help us with that, so we've created a free AAWCC Oregon Slack "workspace" to try out it and see if it can help us create more engagement.

Use this link to join our AAWCC Oregon Slack. We've created a few channels to get some quick connections started.

  • Want to brainstorm ideas or learn from others on different campuses? Join the #networking channel.
  • Want to share news about vacancies or learn about potential jobs on other campuses? Join the #job opportunities channel.
  • Want a place to share book recommendations or organize your own book group? Join the #book club channel.
  • Want to make new connections? Join our #virtual coffee talk channel to be randomly paired up with someone to arrange time for a chat.

Here's a handy reference guide that explains the features and can help you get started if you have questions. The invitation link expires in 30 days. You may also contact Marsha Sills, sillsm@lanecc.edu for assistance or a new invite link.


Let's Grow Together!

We're starting a new feature, called "Let's Grow Together" to provide space for members to share and learn from each other. Submissions will be featured in the summer newsletter and topics are based on feedback from our communications survey. This quarter's topic: how do you know when it's time to seek new career opportunities? Use the form to share resources and your experiences.

Let's Grow Together Submission Form

Engagement Survey Still Open! Thanks to those of you who responded to our communications survey. The survey link will stay open throughout the year for you to share your preferences on the types of information and how you'd like to receive messaging from AAWCC Oregon. Access the survey


HER Logo.jpg

Fall Conference Recap

Special thanks to VP of Fall Conference Adrienne Ochs and presenters for creating an engaging fall virtual conference. During fall conference, we recognize the contributions of community college women across the state through our awards program. Congratulations to our 2021 honorees and we thank them for their work uplifting women in community colleges.

Angie Klampe.jpg

The 2021 Carolyn DesJardins Award recognizes a member who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and made a significant contribution to community colleges. Our 2021 honoree was Angie Klampe of Linn-Benton Community College.

The 2021 Oregon Exellence Awards celebrate individuals whose accomplishments made a difference for women at their community college. Our 2021 honorees included:

Linnea Everts.jpg

Linnea Everets,

Linn-Benton CC

Lisa Fletcher Gordon.jpg

Lisa Fletcher-Gordon, Southwestern Oregon CC

Nikki Johnson.png

Nikki Johnson,

Rogue Community College

Alice Sprague Chemeketa.jpg

Alice Sprague,

Chemeketa CC

Kandie Starr Clackamas.jpg

Kandie Starr,

Clackamas CC

Roseann Rivera.jpg

Roseann Rivera,

Mt. Hood CC


2022 Board of Directors

  • President - Teri Olsen
  • Past President - Donna Lewelling
  • President Elect - Lori Wamsley
  • VP Fall Conference - Adrienne Ochs
  • VP Summer Conference - Amber Fultz
  • VP Finance - Lisa Fletcher-Gordon
  • VP Records - Lauren Smith
  • VP Communications - Marsha Sills
  • VP OILD - Sydney Frost
  • VP Membership and Registration - Kristina Holton
  • VP Web Development - Lydia Rediske
  • VP Special Projects - Lynn Irvin
  • National AAWCC Representative - Cherie Maas-Anderson 
  • President Emerita - Karen Magnuson
  • Ex Oficio Members - Cam Preus, Mary Spilde

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The AAWCC Oregon Chapter newsletter is an official communication from the Board of Directors in support of the chapter's mission. Contact Vice President of Communications, Marsha Sills (sillsm@lanecc.edu) for corrections. This edition was published on March 31, 2022.

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