Sun Automation Becomes an ABB Distributor
Full range of low voltage solutions

Sun Automation is proud to announce that we now provide the full range of low voltage solutions to connect, protect, control and measure a wide range of electrical installations, enclosures, electronics and electromechanical devices. The business improves the reliability and efficiency of its customers’ activities across all major industries.

  • Pilot devices
  • Modular DIN-Rail products
  • Circuit breakers
  • Motor protection and control
  • Enclosed switches
  • Switch-disconnectors
HyperCyl® HPI Series Cylinders
Greatest force per dollar investment

HyperCyl®  is a pneumatically powered hydraulic cylinder , ideally suited for a wide variety of assembly and forming applications.
The "HPI" Series Inline cylinder is a totally self-contained, cost-effective power source ideally suited for a wide variety of assembly and forming applications. Available in sizes from 1 to 200 tons, up to 8.00" stroke, and 1.00" power stroke, the HPI Series cylinder design provides the greatest force per dollar invested with Aries. Inlines are available with up to 16.00" total stroke, and 2.00" Power stroke.
ACE Controls Industrial Shock Absorbers
Absorbers suited for all loads

ACE Controls self-compensating shock absorbers are highly engineered, fixed, multi-orifice units that decelerate moving weights smoothly regardless of changing conditions, and require no adjustment. These versatile performers offer wide effective weight ranges for handling a wider range of applications and increased velocities. As a moving load impacts the shock absorber the piston travels through the stroke and forces hydraulic fluid through the multi-orifice inner tube. The total orifice area decreases at a rate consistent with the decay of impact velocity, resulting in true linear deceleration.

ACE industrial shock absorbers decelerate loads, prevent impact damage, improve product performance, increase cycle speeds and dampen noise.
Mitsubishi FX5UC Micro PLC
Now with spring clamp terminal blocks
Designed on the concepts of outstanding performance, superior drive control and user centric programming the FX5UC Series Micro PLC is perfect for stand alone use to networked system applications.

The FX5UC model provides a cost effective solution that boasts ease of use, functionality, and high performance in a small panel footprint. Ideal for small to medium machines, the FX5UC controllers enable faster decision making with access to real time data and improved machine accuracy and throughput. 

The FX5UC NEW spring clamp terminals hold wires in place with constant force, preventing wires from falling out due to vibration. There is no need for crimp terminals or crimp tools saving time. Detachable terminals eliminate the need for rewiring when replacing the module.

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