ABB Optical Group Supports Georgia Optometric Association Members With Five New Initiatives And Resources In Response To COVID-19

ABB Optical Group, a Georgia Optometric Association Strategic Partner, has launched five new resources and initiatives to assist GOA members nationwide during the continued escalation of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our role serving our customers, their patients and the eye care industry during this time is a critical one. We continue to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 situation on our business operations and how this health threat is affecting eye care professionals," said ABB Optical Group Chief Executive Officer, Tom Burke. "Now is the time to be supportive, creative and solution-oriented. That's where we are focused. There is no doubt we need each other right now and that we are better together.

At no cost to GOA members, ABB has introduced the following five resources and initiatives to support you during this difficult time:

1. Free Shipping On Ship-To-Patient Orders Of Two Boxes Or More
In collaboration with ABB Optical Group's manufacturer counterparts, the company will offer GOA members free shipping on a two-box minimum quantity of soft contact lens ship-to-patient orders. Products will ship directly from ABB to patients' doors, on behalf of the independent eye care professional (IECP) they trust. Members should reach out to their ABB account manager or customer success representative for a full listing of participating products.

2. Free Patient Outreach Toolkit
To support GOA members in this opportunity, ABB is offering a free, comprehensive patient outreach toolkit designed for eye care practices to connect with patients and inform them of direct doctor-to-patient shipping options, a service provided by ABB Optical Group. Members can download the toolkit, which contains social engagement posts, e-mail communications, SMS messages, office signage and more informing patients that, without even coming into the office, they can place their contact lens orders through their eye care practice and receive their shipment at home. To learn more how to best utilize the various resources and assistance with implementation of the program, members should reach out to their ABB account manager.

3. ABB Virtual Trade Show March 23-27
The ABB Virtual Trade Show, taking place March 23-27, will feature daily webinars at no cost to GOA members, hosted by subject matter experts and industry leaders. Each online webinar will focus on products, services and solutions intended to help IECPs optimize their business and better serve their patients, both now and in the future. The Virtual Trade show also features limited-time product specials and offers. For more information and to register, visit

4. ABB Analyze Lite, Powered By Glimpse, At No Cost
ABB Optical Group is now offering ABB Analyze Lite, powered by Glimpse, at no cost to GOA members. ABB Analyze Lite, an access point to the practice performance dashboard world, will be important to help members analyze the impact the COVID-19 situation has on their practice. The program also features a mobile app, providing access from any mobile device. Members can sign up for ABB Analyze Lite by visiting

5. Contact Lens Cleaning Safety Insert In DTP Orders
Beginning April 1, a contact lens cleaning safety insert will be included in all direct-to-patient orders placed through ABB Optical Group. The insert provides patients with guidelines on how to properly clean contact lenses, keep them comfortable for all-day wear and reduce the risk of eye infection. This is a free service for ABB Optical Group customers, with messaging informing patients this is from their eye care practice, which reinforces to patients how their eye care professional cares about their overall health and safety.

In addition, ABB will continue to maintain full distribution center, call center and lab operations, and to implement actions to protect the health and safety of employees and customers.

For more information on ABB Optical Group's resources for customers, GOA members should call 800.852.8089, or visit