A Note from Scott and Marsha
March 28, 2019
There is always a lot to be excited about as April approaches in the garden. Cherry trees, Redbuds, Dogwoods, Peonies and the vast array of perennials, annuals and tropical plants that start showing up as our last frost date approaches. Hey, who remembers in 2018 the last frost date being wrong by TWO WEEKS? That was unprecedented along with all the other weather anomalies of 2018. But besides all the excitement and buzz of plants, we are pretty excited about this. We "almost" officially have our ABC license for wine and hard cider.   WWWHHAAATTTTTT??? That's right! We have our temporary license now and one more hoop for the official. What does that mean? Listen closely to me right now. You know when you say, "Honey! Let's go to For Garden's Sake and look at some plants for the landscape." Then, there is visible eye rolling and audible sighing on the idea of walking around looking at plants while trying to help make decisions that you know nothing about. Ok. Now envision yourself saying, "Honey. Let's go to For Garden's Sake and look at some plants for the landscape. While we are looking, we can wander around with a glass of wine or hard cider together (or with the dog, the kids, grandma) and when we are done, we can wander down (with the dog, the kids, grandma) to see the animals and play while we finish our drink."  And then they say, "WWWWHHHHAATTTTTT????? They do that now?" And you can smile and say, "Yes, honey. Won't that be so enjoyable? And even if I'm not done looking, you can walk down (with the dog, the kids, grandma) to see the animals and fairy garden area, and enjoy your wine or cider while I finish up." Imagine that conversation for a change. It's a win/win for everyone. As we navigate the idea of this here, we are working through the logistics on our end (see Scott on the phone with one of MANY phone calls to Chatham county) so keep an eye out for details. We certainly want this to be an enjoyable experience so fine tuning the details is on our list this week and next. Watch Facebook and Instagram for more details. Bringing green home should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for everyone regardless if you enjoy a glass or not. Can't wait to see you as we continue stocking up!  
April 13-14, 2019

We will be fully stocked and have fun for the whole family!
We'll have a food truck (Saturday), Master Gardeners (Saturday), wine, hard cider, raffle, and custom T-shirts!
Purple Leaf Plum Trees are a medium size tree that has fragrant, pink blooms in the spring. They are most popular for the lovely deep purple foliage they have in the summer. Plant them in full sun to keep that deep purple foliage. They only grow to about 20 feet tall, so they are a great choice as a specimen tree, but depending on the space you have, they can also be placed in small groups.
Let's be honest. We buy flowering cherry trees because of their beautiful blooms. The Higan Cherry tree's blooms will stop you in your tracks, not once, but twice through the year! They bloom in the spring, and then they bloom again in the fall! Talk about getting bang for your buck when it comes to blooming trees. This is a very popular variety, so don't wait! Come get yours today!
"Give me a 'P'! Give me an 'O'! Give me an 'M'! What does it spell? POM!!" This tree gets its name from the dark pink pom-pom shaped blooms that emerge directly from its branches in the spring. The blooms will turn into glossy green heart-shaped leaves. It does well as a specimen, in a group or in a shrub border. If that isn't something to cheer about, then I am not sure what is!
Saturday, April 6, 2019 
Not sure what kind of tree to plant? Certified arborist, Rick Pearce, will discuss the factors to consider and how to plant and care for your trees so they have a long, healthy life. He will also discuss best pruning practices and how to manage common pests and disease. 
Presenter: Rick Pearce, Certified Arborist, Carolina Tree Care
Registration deadline: April 3
Please register in advance as spots are limited. Email  caroline@fgsnursery.com  or call Caroline at 919-484-9759, ext. 101.
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