ABC August 2020 Newsletter

We've got something special JUST for you.

Where did the summer go? It seems like it just started, which makes it so hard to believe it's almost back-to-school time again.

We can't help but feel a little sad, but we can offer some fun Back-To-School August Specials!
- 10% off any ABC University Course.....OR
- 30 days of UNLIMITED Levels Group Training for just $50 per pet!

Be sure to mention this great offer 
when you make your appointment!

Doggie Daycare.....
What you need to know!

Back to school means back to daycare for many fur-babies. There are a few FAQ's we felt we should share with you!

Q: How does daycare at ABC differ from when I take my dog to the dog park?
A. All of our daycare participants are up-to-date on their veterinary-required vaccinations, and each participant is temperament evaluated and observed at all times by our certified group leaders. Our team studies dog behavior, which helps them maintain a healthy fun pack. This means that no dog is picked on or bullied!  We focus on both mental and physical stimulation so your pet will go home happy and relaxed - not tired, stressed and drained. 

Q: Why do you ask that our dog comes twice a week?
A. Our team is proud of the ABC pack. All the dogs get to know each other's quirks and look forward to seeing each of their pack buddies every week. Dogs that only come once a month do not get to experience the bond of a familiar pack.  In fact, they feel like it's the first day of class each time they come! 

Q. Can my dog participate in daycare when he comes to board, even if he isn't a regular daycare attendee? 
A. For our boarding-only dogs we have a wide range of play options. If your pet's vacation is only once or twice a year these individual play options are a healthier mentally and physically for your pet.

Q. We have not been able to come in for daycare in the last three months, why does our dog need to take the temperament evaluation again?
A. While the three-month time period seems short to us, dogs can change a lot during this time. We strive to make sure all pets in our care or mentally and physically enjoying their time at ABC.  This is one way we can make sure group play continues to be the right fit for your dog.

Q. Does daycare help socialize my dog?
A. Daycare is a great mental and physical maintenance option for dogs that have already been socialized. If you are looking for options to help socialize your pet, we would love to set up an appointment to consult with our trainer.

Holiday Bookings

Back to school already? That must mean that Fall, including awesome holidays like Halloween, Thanks-giving, Christmas, and New Years will be here before we know it!  
Every year we "book up" for the Holidays earlier and earlier. Just a friendly reminder to our awesome pet parents to book their rooms early!!  
Deposits are required for Thanksgiving and Christmas Petcations. Deposit is per enclosure and does not change if you have multiple pets in the same enclosure. Separating family pets into different enclosures for meals is prohibited. All deposits are non-refundable, but may be used for future boarding if the cancellation is received prior to November 13th, for Thanksgiving, and December 11th, for Christmas.  If for any reason you must cancel after either of these dates, you will forfeit the deposit for future use.

Deposit Amount
Cats:  $50 per enclosure reserved
Dogs: $50 per enclosure reserved 
VIPs:  $100 per enclosure reserved

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