Education Opportunities 2021
Training your team is not only an investment in your business, but an investment in your future.
Leadership I
This course is in continuum of the Young Professionals Leadership Academy. It expands on information received in the initial coursework and generates impactful lessons to enhance individual abilities within your team.
Young Professionals Leadership
This program was developed to enhance the potential of your young rising stars by helping them develop their unique leadership style. Current industry leaders will facilitate discussions and activities that encourage active participation. It also incorporates a personality assessment, workshops, social outings, community service projects, and more.

Crew Leadership
This program was developed to teach skills needed to become an effective crew leader, as well as knowledge and abilities
required to transition from craft worker to crew leader. The module also covers workforce diversity and organization, basic leadership skills, safety, and project control.

Project Supervision
Field supervisors play a major role in every construction company and every construction project. They are the frontline managers on the job, directly supervising workers and other field supervisors. They are both the engine and the anchor of the construction team, driving it toward effectiveness and efficiency, and stabilizing it with consistency and good judgment. To fill this role, field supervisors need more than experience in the field. They also need management skills in problem solving, planning, estimating, safety supervision, scheduling, controlling costs and resources, and, perhaps most important, managing people.

25/30 Hour Pre-Licensure Course
Do you want to be a Contractor in Utah. This is the class you will need to get started!
Utah requires all general and specialty contractors to take this course. In it, you will learn Utah lien law, bidding, insurance, and accounting. We'll also cover the application and the Business and Law exam in the 5 hour course.
6 Hour Continuing Education for
License Renewal
The Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing (DOPL) requires 6 hours of continuing education to renew your contractor license. We at ABC have stayed on top of the rule changes so you don't have to.

This course will satisfy those hours and will qualify you to renew your license. We have made changes this year to comply with the new rules including:

  • 3 hours core and 3 hours profesional
  • 1 hour on green energy
  • HVAC contractors must have 3 hours directly related to the install, repair, or replacement of a heating, ventilation, or cooling unit
  • S330 landscape contractors must have at least 2 hours related to installation of a backflow prevention device provided that the contractor completes at least 2 hours (of their 6 hours of CE) related to backflow preventer installation every renewal cycle
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