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Recent Publications
ABCG publications
This policy review provides an overview of Tanzania's current land and natural resource laws, examines their strengths and weaknesses, and makes recommendations for how the laws can more effectively aid communities in securing tenure and managing their resources. 
This policy note examines the strengths of existing land policy in Tanzania, notes the amendments that must be made in order to protect the land rights of rural communities, and explores the problems with the current process of developing Tanzania's National Land Policy. 
This workshop report provides a synopsis of the commitments to biodiversity made by Chinese and Ugandan government officials and the Chinese Enterprises Chamber of Commerce in Uganda. It also documents the workshop attendees' discussion of necessary participants for effective conservation action and how to reconcile business interests with sustainability. The workshop was part of an ABCG Emerging Issues small grant supported project.
This report identifies the types and nature of Chinese corporate practices and investments that pose the greatest threat to wildlife in Uganda. Based on these findings, corporate policy recommendations were made and training materials developed to reduce the high risk operations, practices and behaviors that expose investors to wildlife trafficking. 
This workshop report summarizes the discussion between Chinese state-owned (SOE)/private-owned enterprises (POE) and government representatives about the challenges that SOEs/POEs face when trying to become involved in conservation, why these challenges exist, and potential solutions for addressing these issues. The workshop was part of an ABCG Emerging Issues small grant supported project .

This fact sheet details ABCG's Managing Global Change Impacts on Biodiversity working group's activities to assess local communities' coping responses to environmental change, identify responses that negatively affect biodiversity, and  ascertain where future human behavioral adaptations may impact biodiversity.
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This fact sheet details ABCG's Land and Resource Tenure Rights working group's activities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania to  explore methods for securing tenure of common property resources - principally grazing, forests and wildlife- within communal lands. 
Partner publications
This review explores the definition of resilience and, more specifically, community resilience and its components, then presents four case studies of community response to extreme weather events to illustrate community resilience in action.
News Highlights 
The Nature Conservancy and the World Resources Institute, recipients of ABCG's Emerging Issues small grant, developed and implemented a new program for bolstering the management and leadership capacity of key actors working in African natural resource management and conservation and building strong global to local partnerships in East Africa.
The World Wildlife Fund and the Wildlife Conservation Society, recipients of ABCG's Emerging Issues small grant, developed a wildlife trafficking framework to address gaps in the sustainability policy of Chinese enterprises in Africa and worked with them to develop strategies for how to become more involved in conservation.

Conservation International's Vital Signs, supported by an ABCG Emerging Issues small grant, held its third Community of Practice meeting where partners discussed the preliminary results from Vital Signs' data analysis and its implications for influencing policy. Some of the findings highlight the relationship between natural resource conservation and the health of local communities.
One Health: A Holistic Approach towards Freshwater Conservation
This webinar was the third in a monthly series hosted by ABCG's Integrated Freshwater Conservation-Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Community of Practice. It provided an overview of Conservation International's "One Health" framework that integrates WASH activities with freshwater conservation, improved livestock farming, and restoration efforts for improved conservation and health outcomes in South Africa's Mzimvubu Landscape.  
Past Event Resources
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