March 2020

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American Baptist Leaders Issue Call to Prayer    
On March 20, 2020, the Regional Executive Ministers Council and National Executive Council issued a call to prayer:  
During this time of concern and uncertainty, the members of the National Executive Council and the members of the Regional Executive Ministers Council are calling American Baptists to a time of prayer for 21 days beginning on March 21, 2020 and ending on April 11, 2020. During this time we are asking for American Baptists to pray for the recovery and healing of persons effected by COVID-19.
We also invite you to share resources, prayers, litanies, poems, etc. (no more than 300 words), by sending them to ABCUSA Director of Communications, Bridget Lipin at [email protected].
Contributions will be posted at
Our goal is to harness the power of prayer during this global pandemic as well as deepen our individual and common spiritual lives as American Baptists. Our collected prayers and witness will remind our communities and neighbors that our faith will sustain us and give us hope.
As we always ask, please be respectful of one another as you share information.
Grace and Peace,
Members of the National Executive Council and the Regional Executive Ministers Council

American Baptists Taking Action - Coronavirus and Our Community
As COVID-19, the coronavirus, spreads throughout the United States, with latest numbers reaching 13,000 positive tests confirmed from the virus at the time of this writing, there are an umber of actions that American Baptists can take. "We continue to be in prayer for those affected by the COIVID-19 pandemic, as well as their family members, our health care workers, those seeking to combat and contain the virus," said Dr. C. Jeff Woods, Acting General Secretary of American Baptist Churches USA.

"Please be in prayer for persons at the margins and lower-wage earners who are often adversely effected by economic concerns. Persons associated with the travel and hospitality industry are especially effected by conference cancellations and travel restrictions. Small business owners are also affected. Consider reaching out online or by phone to persons in your congregation or persons in your sphere of influence who may be especially in need of help. In times like these, it is important to practice global compassion as we now live in a global economy."

Leaders of American Baptist Churches USA, including the members of the National Executive Council and the members of the Regional Executive Ministers Council, issued a Call to Prayer on Friday, March 20, 2020, which will last 21 days, from March 21, 2020 through April 11, 2020.

Pastors and others are invited to visit our resource page for more information to help them in their churches, and to learn how national partners are responding at

Read the full story and find out about more ways American Baptists are taking Action here.
COVID-19 Resources
View resources collected from churches, regions, partners and individuals. Or, visit our page with worship and prayer resources to use throughout this time of social distancing.

Submit your own prayers and resources for our growing list to   [email protected].

Fackenthal, Jacque to Serve as Co-Coordinators for 2021 Orientation to American Baptist Life Event
American Baptist Churches USA announces that Rev. Judy Fackenthal and Rev. Dr. Zina Jacque will serve as co-coordinators for the next Orientation to American Baptist Life event, which will take place June 25-27, 2021 in coordination with the American Baptist Churches Biennial Mission Summit in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  

As facilitators of the Orientation to American Baptist Life, Fackenthal and Jacque hope participation in the event will deepen each participant's connection to ABCUSA and will broaden their understanding of the scope of resources available to them.
"Participants will have the opportunity to engage with an extraordinary community of colleagues. We look forward to welcoming all participants and celebrating their unique gifts that will benefit American Baptists for years to come! We hope to extend God's gracious hospitality and welcome them, as together, we experience the Biennial Mission Summit."

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2020-2021 ABC Directory/Planning Calendar available for download
The 2020-2021 ABC Directory/Planning Calendar is available for download. We invite you to print this calendar as a reference tool for use in weekly planning throughout the calendar year and into 2021.  

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