Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to share that this afternoon concluded our ABET visit, and the initial verbal report of findings is promising. The visiting team shared positive feedback regarding the transformative experiences we offer our students, particularly through the co-op program, as well as outstanding faculty-student interactions and learning opportunities in some of our programs.

We also received important feedback regarding areas in need of enhancing efforts around continuous improvement. I am confident with our ongoing strategic planning efforts and active discussions and planning specifically around curricular and pedagogical reform that we stand prepared to address and respond to critical areas.

This process takes a village, and I am grateful to all of the members of our community who contributed time and energy to this effort, not just in recent days and months leading up to the visit, but in the years of foresight and preparation for this time. In particular, I thank Jim Mitchell and Kristin Imhoff for their dedicated leadership throughout this accreditation cycle, along with the many individuals across departments, including Jason Baxter, Jonathan Cheng, Yalcin Ertekin, Bakhtier Farouk, Charles Haas, Rick Knight, Moses Noh, Kevin Scoles, Robert Swan, Tein-Min Tan, Michael Waring, and Ajmal Youseff. My thanks also go to all faculty and staff across the college who worked hard to prepare our laboratories, and who contributed significant time and analysis of data.

We now enter a period of brief review in which each program will have seven days to respond to respective team chairs in the case of errors and factual updates. That process will be followed by sharing of draft letters, edited and reviewed by members of each review team and committee, to which the respective programs will have 30 days to reply. We can expect to review a final statement of formal accreditation actions in August next year.

Again, I am grateful to our entire community for your dedication to the success of the College of Engineering. We have much to be proud of, and the future is bright.

In partnership,
Sharon L. Walker, PhD
Dean, College of Engineering