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February 2019
A Note from the Editor - Dr. Nicole DeLauro

Welcome 2019! 

A new year allows for fresh beginnings! As residents, you are challenged academically and professionally, and it is always a great idea to set new goals for the year ahead. Whether you're a first, second or third year, your priorities are different and ABPM is here to help. 

ABPM is excited to expand our Speaker's Bureau in 2019, and extend to residents educational opportunities and involvement with our organization. We have upgraded the ABPM App to allow easier access to information. Be sure to allow for push notifications. ABPM will be present at many conferences and meetings throughout the year to help familiarize you with our ongoing mission, feel free to introduce yourself. Our staff is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Nicole DeLauro, DPM
ABPM Spotlight!  Stavosky
Meet ABPM Director, Coleen Napolitano, DPM
Each eNewsletter, we will be spotlighting a member of the ABPM Board of Directors so you become familiar with the ABPM team. 

The ABPM welcomes Dr. Coleen Napolitano as the newest member of the ABPM Board of Directors!

Dr. Napolitano has been a Diplomate since 1994 and has been active with the ABPM for the past 15 years, primarily with the Examination Committee, where she is the current Chair of the certification exam (Part 2) sub-section.
Clinical Presentation Skills SeriesClinicalPresentationSkills
Communication with your Patients
by Faith A. Schick, DPM

The ability to communicate with your patients is integral to successful outcomes. This is an important practice skill that should be developed and mastered prior to graduating residency.

As a resident, I recall spending time shadowing multiple physicians.  After a period of time, I was able to know what the physician was going to say before the words came out of his/her mouth. This wasn't because I was getting smarter at understanding how I was supposed to treat a specific condition, but because I became familiar with the conversation the attending was going to have with the patient.

Have you seen the current list of ABPM speakers available to come to YOUR residency program?

For the past decade the ABPM has been working with residency directors to provide content in areas of clinical interest, as well as general information on board certification and specific information about the ABPM process.

Interested residency programs are requested to fill out the Speakers Request Form available on the ABPM website. We look forward to both continuing our current existing relationships and developing relationships with new programs!
Featured Job TipJobTip
First impressions are important!

Start preparing for job interviews. Make sure to look your best, as this first impression is usually how you will be remembered.

Download the NEW Version of the ABPM App! ABPMApp NewApp
Search 'ABPM App' in the iTunes store for Apple iOS device 
or in the Google Play store for Android device.

New features include  pathology specific biomechanical templates, BMI calculator, weight converter and regularly updated practice questions!

*Remember to allow push notifications to receive updates directly to your device* 

ABPM On the Move - Upcoming Events in 2019 OntheMove
The ABPM attends multiple conferences throughout the year. Please check our calendar periodically to see if we will be in your area. Below are the next few upcoming events:

February 14-17 | ACFAS Conference | New Orleans, LA
March 7-10 | No Nonsense Conference | Independence, OH
April 4-7 | PRESENT Superbones/Superwounds | Teaneck, NJ
April 10-13 | Midwest Podiatry Conference | Chicago, IL