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October 2018
A Note from the Editor - Dr. Nicole DeLauro

Greetings residents and welcome Autumn! I hope that the year thus far has been fulfilling and fun. Residency is a great time to take advantage and learn so many new treatments, procedures and techniques. I am happy to announce continued updates to the ABPM App in the next few months, and encourage you to download the "Pathology Specific Biomechanical Exams" for your EHRs. Be sure to check out our "Clinical Skills" feature, and our physician and director spotlights. ABPM is always working to make your resident experience better and would love to come and lecture to your program. Encourage your directors to request a speaker from our Speaker's Bureau. It is easily accessible from the ABPM website. We hope to see you soon!

Nicole DeLauro, DPM

ABPM Spotlight!  Stavosky
Dr. Stephanie Hook elected to the New York State Podiatric Medical Association Board of Trustees  

"I have always had a heart for moving our profession forward. Being elected to the NY State Podiatric Medical Association Board of Trustees is a huge honor and opportunity," said the newly elected Board of Trustees member, Stephanie Hook, DPM. 

As a member of the Board, Dr. Hook will help their mission of supporting excellence in the practice of podiatric medicine and surgery by creating awareness of the profession's role and value.  This includes supporting lobbying efforts for podiatric related bills, particularly those striving for parity in the medical community, and ongoing work to promote public understanding of podiatry, the level of training required, and specific expertise podiatrists can provide in overall health. 

Congratulations to the PRESENT Residency Rumble Winners!PRESENT
The 2018 PRESENT Podiatric Residency Education Summit Midwest took place in Oak Brook, IL on September 28th. All questions for the Residency Rumble were supplied by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine.

1st Place: Aventura Hospital and Medical Center
Residency Director - Dr. Marie Williams

2nd Place:  DVA-Hines/Loyola
Residency Director - Dr. Coleen Napolitano, ABPM Diplomate

3rd Place:  Chino Valley Medical Center
Residency Director - Dr. Jarrod Shapiro, ABPM Diplomate

Clinical Presentation Skills SeriesSalvo
Forming a Differential Diagnosis by Nicole DeLauro, DPM

A healthy 30 year old male presents with right forefoot pain present for two weeks. The patient is an avid runner, and runs approximately 3 to 5 miles a day. He describes the pain as aching and throbbing. The pain continues throughout the day. He does have relief when resting. He has tried to abstain from running and admits to changing his shoes. He has had minimal improvement. He denies any other treatments.

What is your diagnosis?
As physicians we are forced to be investigators. We have to ask the correct questions regarding the complaint, form a diagnosis, and provide a treatment plan. To do this, we need to formulate a "differential diagnosis."
Featured Job TipJobTip

Start arranging job interviews. It may seem early, but this will take time and involve travel! Plan accordingly to take necessary time off from residency, and time away from family and friends. Think about potential questions you would ask a future employee and see if you can answer them yourself. Don't forget to ask advice from recent graduates to help prime you for this process.

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ABPM On the Move - Upcoming Events in 2018 OntheMove
The ABPM attends multiple conferences throughout the year. Please check our calendar periodically to see if we will be in your area. Below are the next few upcoming events:

October 18-20, PRESENT Superbones Superwounds West, Las Vegas, NV
November 7-10, PRESENT Desert Foot, Phoenix, AZ
November 8-10, Goldfarb Conference, King of Prussia, PA