Thank You!
Lori came to American Brittany Rescue along with three male Brittanys who were found on chains in a barn with just one light. Lori was badly mishandled along with the others. The sheriff was alerted to their conditions and the owner surrendered them. Lori was the smallest of them all and only weighed 18lbs, was full of every parasite imaginable and her teeth were in such bad condition, that several had to be removed. Lori is getting more comfortable with people daily, has gained weight and it wouldn't have been possible without your support!
After being passed around to several owners and mistreated by each one, Johnny was part of a "chain gang” when he was rescued. He had been tied out in a yard without adequate food, water, or shelter during a long hot and stormy summer. A kind neighbor helped to get Johnny into American Brittany Rescue where he is now in a foster home with a bed of his own, toys and a human companion. ABR has taken care of his veterinary care and neutering while he awaits a new forever home. Thank you for helping ABR rescue Johnny!
Dashing through the snow. Thank you, Jennifer Mostello for sharing this festive photo.
Your Support By the Numbers
You helped ABR save 179 * Brittanys.
You helped ABR find 132 * Brittanys their forever homes. 
You helped ABR continue rescuing Brittanys internationally.  Since piloting this program, volunteers have worked closely with overseas partner to identify, transport,
foster and adopt nearly 200 dogs, many of them removed from dire conditions.
You helped the ABR extended family as we braced for hurricanes, evacuated from fires, and grieved with those whose ABR Alums crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. 
You are American Brittany Rescue and the quality of our service to Brittanys-in-need would not be possible without your support. 
* (January 2018 to September 2018)
American Brittany Rescue, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 1991 as a cooperative effort of Brittany owners, breeders, trainers, and fanciers who ABR believes have a responsibility not only for their own dogs and the dogs they produce, but for the breed as a whole.
For 27 years the organization of volunteers have worked to rescue Brittanys and place them in loving homes. Placement on average of 340 dogs each year over these many years has resulted in a total of nearly 9,000 dogs being rescued and adopted into carefully selected homes. Included in this number are dogs from nearly every state, Canada as well as Greece and Spain.
This work is accomplished by an army of dedicated ABR volunteers. There are an amazing 1502 active volunteers located through 44 of 50 states in the United States and in across Canada (See Table 1). From the President and Board members to the volunteers and the all-important foster families, each one plays and important role.