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May 4, 2021
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Upcoming Events
ABRF’s monthly Town Hall, Wednesday, May 12, will discuss program plans for the 2022 ABRF Annual Meeting, March 27-30 in Palm Springs. The 2022 Program Committee will share their initial ideas and invite suggestions from ABRF members on potential topics, innovative formats, and engaging networking events. Register today. 
The ABRF Core Administrators’ Network Coordinating Committee (CAN-CC) will host a town hall on May 20, to discuss: Optimal Design of Cores from the Ground Up.
Chapter Comings and Goings
ABRF regional chapters offer valuable ways for members to stay connected. 
The MAD SSCi year-long series of events continues this month with two concurrent sessions on May 11

  • High-Dimensional Analysis of the Liver Tumor Microenvironment Using Imaging Mass Cytometry
  • Lab Sustainability and Greening: National Institutes of Health Green Labs Program

Other ABRF regional Chapters are planning events throughout the year. Visit the ABRF website to learn more.
Committees' Corner
CCoRRe. The ABRF Committee on Core Rigor and Reproducibility (CCoRRe) is conducting a follow up survey to assess how (or if) awareness and implementation of guidelines, policies, and best practices for rigor, reproducibility and transparency have shifted in the ensuing four years since our 2017 survey on this topic (Knudtson et al, J Biomol Tech. 2019 Sep;30(3):36-44). Our new survey is available here: We welcome your participation to submit your anonymous responses – it should take about 10 minutes. 
Education Focus
ABRF’s Education Committee is planning to present new online workshops in 2021, including sessions developed in conjunction with ABRF corporate partners. To access the content for prior online workshops, visit this link. If you have suggestions for future workshop topics, send your ideas to the Committee.
Membership News
Did you know that the ABRF membership community now includes more than 1500 core facilities professionals, from nearly 300 institutions in 17 countries? Through the new Group and Institutional Membership options, all core personnel in a specific department or throughout an institution can be included within an organization’s ABRF membership. These new options expand the networking possibilities for all ABRF members, as well as provide more potential volunteers to develop and deliver ABRF programs and content. If your colleagues would benefit from being a part of ABRF, contact the Membership Committee to discuss the advantages of Institutional or Group membership.
Research Groups
Among the ongoing projects and studies conducted by ABRF Research Groups, the Light Microscopy Research Group (LMRG) is launching a study to assess reproducibility in quantitative image analysis and needs YOUR help! We are seeking volunteers to segment 3D fluorescence microscope image sets and provide us with both their analysis and their analysis strategy. Our goal is not to find novel segmentation algorithms, but to compare segmentation results and strategies across a broad cross-section of volunteer analysts.  
If you have information for future ABRF Updates to share with your ABRF colleagues, please send your contributions to ABRF Updates to be included in an upcoming issue.