The latest news on ABRF Events & Activities
September 28, 2022
  • President’s Message
  • ABRF Regional Chapter Meetings: NERLSCD and MWACD
  • Samples from the Core Community
  • New ABRF Research Group Studies Announced
  • ABRF Compensation Survey Launches Soon 
Message from the President 
ABRF Chapter Meetings Keep You Connected from Coast to Coast
Plan now to attend one of the upcoming ABRF regional Chapter meetings:
NERSLCD – October 12-14     Rochester, NY
Registration is still available for the upcoming 2022 NERLSCD annual meeting, featuring timely discussions and presentations, including:

  • Microscopy 101
  • Social Media Approaches to Education, Engagement and Community Outreach
  • Building Shared Resources/Corporate Partnerships
  • Comparison of new Genomics Technologies
  • Best Practices in a Modern Flow Core
  • Training Modes at Core Facilities

MWACD – October 17-18      Columbus, OH

Better Together: Strengthening Communities of Practice and Science
Join the ABRF Midwest Association of Core Directors for its 2022 Annual Meeting, which will feature sessions on:

  • Harnessing Proinflammatory Metabolic Screening for Immuno-Oncology
  • Communicating Across Audiences: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Leveraging the Power of Partnerships to Effectively Connect Communities
  • Effective Mentoring Practices of the Ohio LSAMP Alliance
  • Core Exchange: Scientific & Administrative Skills-building for Vanderbilt Shared Resources 

Have You Heard What's Happening in the Core Community?
The Core Community is the online portal for ABRF members to engage with 2000 colleagues to ask questions and get answers on today’s challenges for Core facilities. Recent topics include how to define critical equipment, virtual peer mentoring; DSRG, GRG, and MMRG updates, and the types of database software used in core facilities.  
Access the Core Community with your ABRF membership credentials to learn more.
New ABRF Research Group Studies for 2023
The ABRF Executive Board is pleased to announce plans for several new studies by ABRF Research Groups for the coming year. This innovative work will seek to answer important questions in Genomics Bioinformatics, DNA Sequencing, Genome Editing, and Flow Cytometry.
Contact ABRF to learn more about these new studies and how to join ABRF Research Groups.
ABRF Compensation Survey Launches Soon – Contribute to this Important New Benchmarking Report
Key contacts at every ABRF member institution will shortly receive the link to the new ABRF Compensation Survey, to anonymously submit compensation information for the positions within their Core facilities. The ABRF Career Development Committee is organizing this survey to develop valuable new data on the prevailing compensation for each role within Core facilities and to support comparisons by region, institution size, and experience level. Results will be shared with all ABRF members through a written survey report, along with a presentation at the 2023 ABRF Annual Meeting.
If you have information for future ABRF Updates to share with your ABRF colleagues, please send your contributions to ABRF Updates to be included in an upcoming issue.