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August 2, 2023
  • President’s Message
  • Plan now for Fall Chapter Meetings
  • ABRF 2023 Annual Meeting Rewind – View Top Sessions online
  • New online Community for AI and Machine Learning in Core Facilities
  • Connect with peers in your Technology Areas in the ABRF Core Community
  • ABRF Member Profile – Introduce Yourself to Your ABRF Community
Message from the President 
Hello Everyone,

This past month, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking forward. Summer is almost over, but before it goes, we’re planning some last-minute family vacation time and I’m putting what I hope are the final touches on my fall teaching plans. Similarly, our ABRF RGs and committees are looking forward with their ideas and goals for next year in a few different ways. Research Groups submitted their studies for approval at the end of July and are gearing up to start some exciting new projects. Several RGs are also looking for additional members, so if you’ve been thinking about joining a research group or even participating in a study without joining to see if it’s for you, now’s a great time to reach out! We are also starting the budget process for our 2024 fiscal year; to understand and support our leaders and membership, we’ve asked all our RGs and committees to reflect on their needs and ideas for growth and send requests for support to the EB to incorporate into our plan for next year. And even further forward, we’re starting to look at the next stage of the ABRF strategic plan – imagining what our society and membership is going to look like in the next 3 years and beyond, and how we can continue to shepherd ABRF to be a society that can support shared resource facilities and personnel in all their many faceted roles. I look forward to supporting these ideas, along with the rest of the EB, and as always, welcome any feedback or ideas from our members.
Marie Adams
ABRF President 
Chapters’ Corner
Plan Now for Fall Regional Chapter Meetings

From Oregon to Vermont, the fall ABRF Regional Chapter Meetings offer a cross-country tour of the latest technologies and best practices in Core facilities. Together with next week’s Mid-Atlantic Chapter meeting in Chapel Hill, NC, and the successful June 2023 Southeastern Chapter in Atlanta, ABRF regional Chapter events continue to offer accessible, valuable options for members to engage with peers and connect with leading technology providers in their areas. 
For the full schedule of Chapter events, and to register for upcoming meetings, visit the ABRF Chapters’ landing page.
ABRF 2023 Annual Meeting Rewind – View Top Sessions from this Year’s Meeting  
Spotlight on:

Revisit this engaging presentation by Chris Mason, one of the highlights of this year’s ABRF Annual Meeting. 

Visit the ABRF YouTube channel to find more valuable content presented by ABRF.
New Online Community:
AI and Machine Learning in Core Facilities
How is AI affecting the work in your Core facility?  Will your role, or others, be replaced or reduced by the growth of AI in the research world?
In response to member requests, ABRF has created a new online Community for members to discuss this important topic. You can share resources, ideas, or examples that you’ve seen on how AI may impact the work in Core facilities. Sign up today to start a discussion.
Connect with peers in your Technology/Interest Areas in the
ABRF Core Community

Did you know that you engage with your ABRF colleagues who work in the same technology area? Post questions, share ideas, or exchange experiences with other ABRF members working on similar projects. Current ABRF Technology/Interest Area Communities include:
Don’t see a Community that’s right for you? Contact ABRF to add your group today…
ABRF Member Profile:
Introduce Yourself to the ABRF Community
abrf Update invites all members to send us your profile photo and summary of your background to be featured in a future issue...
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