Koige Primary school water harvesting August 2022
ABW eNews September 2022

As we approach Thanksgiving, it is with gratitude that I send our third-quarter report. I can’t help but think about the people in North America and around the world who have experienced tremendous turmoil in their lives because of natural disasters and war. Many won’t even have a table to sit at for a meal.
You will see below highlights of ABW’s last three months and how close we are to accomplishing our shared goals. Your generosity has helped make this world a better place at home and abroad. I am grateful to you for the consistent support you continue to show. If you have not made a donation for 2022 as of yet please consider ABW in your giving plans.
As well, a group of fourteen professionals, including several medical personnel, is leaving with me to visit three African countries this month. I am grateful that we are able to travel again, and so many people will take part. You can follow our trip on the website starting October 20.
It is also with gratitude and a blend of other emotions that Brian and I have announced our retirement from A Better World.
I end with this quote from Norman Vincent Peale, and wish to each of you a Happy Thanksgiving: “The more you practice the art of thankfulness, the more you have to be thankful for.”
Eric Rajah
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Humanitarian trip to visit three countries
With clearance to travel once again, a team of 14 volunteers is leaving this month for Africa, led by Executive Director Eric Rajah. It is our first post-pandemic group trip.
The team of medical personnel, engineers, teachers, board members, and financial analysists will visit Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. They will assess completed projects, monitor progress, examine new projects, and build and renew relationships with our partners.
The team will leave Oct. 20 and return Nov 15. Trip blog will be posted when the trip starts
ABW renews partnership with Saruk Centre
To make the world better not just today but in the future, we need to develop strong, caring leaders.
To that end, A Better World recently kicked off another year of partnership with the Saruk Centre for Leadership Development. One of our local projects, the partnership supports the Saruk Centre in its work to provide post-secondary students with co-curricular training and guidance to nurture their leadership skills and qualities.
Thirty undergrads from Burman University and Red Deer Polytechnic attended the first weekend seminar Sept. 22-24, working with leaders from various professions and the business community. They also provided three hours of service to the Red Deer Food Bank.
This is the second year of the program.

Manyatta Primary and Secondary School
In a rural area east of the city of Nakuru are two new school projects: Manyatta Primary and Secondary Schools. The schools have served a population of about 2000 for several decades, but are now in desperate disrepair.
While funding has been secured for classroom renovations and water harvesting at the secondary school, and work is underway, the primary school is still in need of support to renovate seven classrooms and a water harvesting system. About 180 students attend the primary school.
Co-founders will Co-retire
They started together, and now they will retire together. After 32 years, the co-founders of A Better World – Executive Director Eric Rajah and Project Director Brian Leavitt – are retiring this year. The official date will be determined after a new Executive Director is chosen.
The Board of Directors has initiated a search for a new Executive Director and the position is being advertised. It will become a paid position, with funding already in place. When the new person is chosen, Eric will remain with the organization for a few months for training and a transfer of authority. Then both co-founders will step down.
The target is to have a new Executive Director in place and leading A Better World by the end of the year. Watch for further announcements in the coming months.
Your Generosity at Work
Annual progress as of September 30, 2022
A Better World's big goal is to have 75,000 students enrolled in our schools—with access to clean water, toilets, and healthcare—by 2030. To get there, we have specific annual goals.
Students enrolled to date: 54,900
Your Generosity at Work

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