Year-end is a telling time, when we look back on our year of fundraising and forward to the year of proposed projects. Six months ago, I was worried about the approaching year-end. I wasn’t sure we would have funding in place to approve our project schedule for the first quarter of 2021. I didn’t want us to fall behind.

But I shouldn’t have worried. Your generosity leading up to year-end let us commit to our projects as planned. I am very thankful for your tremendous support. In the short video below, ABW Board Chair Ron Sydenham provides a 2020 project report. Later in this eNews, you will find some amazing stories and see how we have progressed on our goals for the first quarter of 2021.
A silver lining of working through this pandemic has been seeing how the local communities have carried forward our projects while we've been unable to travel. This is a key to sustainability that we have always sought: local partners taking ownership of projects and being independent leaders in community development. We are inspired by the incredible community leaders who have partnered with us, as well as our amazing supporters who believe in our work around the globe.

With much gratitude,
Eric Rajah
Co-Founder and Executive Director
The Ground Up Campaign
Brand New Classrooms for Outdoor Schools in Afghanistan

Our new Ground Up Campaign is a continuation of the 100 Classrooms Project that was started in 2010. We're very excited that the new 5-classroom school building is nearly complete at Baba Ali School in Sheberghan, Afghanistan.

ABW Co-founders Recognized
by Governor General

Eric Rajah and Brian Leavitt are honoured to have been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division) by the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General of Canada. They share this honour with the hundreds of supporters who have made the work of ABW possible.

Our Story in Numbers
Plans for 2021 and where we are today
Our big goal is to have 75,000 students enrolled in our schools—with access to clean water, toilets, and healthcare—by 2030. To get there, we have specific annual goals.

This year, we plan to complete 57 classrooms, 18 water catchment systems, 91 toilets, 1 clinic building, and 4 community wells. Below you will see how many of each we've been able to build so far in 2021 thanks to you! Plans for the clinic and community wells are in the works.
18 Classrooms - 9 Water Catchment Systems - 34 Toilets
0 Clinic Buildings - 0 Community Wells

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