Forty-seven years ago, I arrived in Canada. I was 16 then, still just a child. Every Canada Day, I look back at the years and what amazing opportunities Canada and the people of Canada have given and continue to give me: health, clean water, the right to an education, and the opportunity to advance economically. Along with those rights come responsibilities – responsibilities to remember the needs of others and respond together in a meaningful way, locally and globally. I am fortunate to have known so many that have held up their responsibilities to make this world a better place.
Vancouver 1975: My parents and brothers Elmo and Ed (Youngest)
I am also mindful of building a better Canada and upholding the values on which this country should be built: respect, justice for all, understanding, and love. All of these values are now under a shadow with the recently discovered graves of Indigenous children. As we mourn the loss of so many young lives, let’s remember the potential we have as a people for change, and call on all Canadians to strive for truth, justice, and love for all people.

Thank you for your continued support. I invite you to look below for a few stories, spotlights, and updates that I'm very excited to share.

With much gratitude,
Eric Rajah
Co-Founder and Executive Director
TRIP UPDATE: We are planning to take small medical support teams to Kenya as soon as we deem it safe to do so. If you'd like to learn more or register for our trip notifications, please email Eric here or call 403-782-0325.
Project Update: Tanzania
So far this year, 6 classrooms, 1 office, and 32 toilets have been completed in Tanzania, each block with its own water catchment system! In addition to these projects, gloves and masks were supplied to the health clinics and hospitals that we support. (Pictured: 4 new classrooms at Mkalamo Secondary School) Click here to see all of our current projects in progress.
Project Manager Spotlight:
Javid Noori
We are thankful to have amazing in-country project managers who ensure that projects are moving forward and succeeding. Javid Noori carefully manages all of our projects in Afghanistan and does a phenomenal job. Thank you, Javid! (Pictured: Javid and Azalea Lehndorff at Baba Ali in 2019)
Our Story in Numbers
Annual progress as of June 2021
Our big goal is to have 75,000 students enrolled in our schools—with access to clean water, toilets, and healthcare—by 2030. To get there, we have specific annual goals.

This year, we plan to complete 57 classrooms, 18 water catchment systems, 91 toilets, 1 clinic building, and 4 community wells. Below you will see how many of each we've been able to build so far in 2021 thanks to you! Plans for the clinic and community wells are in the works.
18 Classrooms - 14 Water Catchment Systems - 78 Toilets
0 Clinics Built - 5 Clinics Equipped - 0 Community Wells

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