Dr. Paulette Comeau of Red Deer training Kenyan medical officers.
November 2019 eNews
November 21, 2019


As bitter temperatures are forecasted throughout Central Alberta, I have moments of wonder about living in Canada – until I remember the good economic fortunes we enjoy, and the kindness and thoughtfulness of the Canadians I live among. In a year where the economic downturn has slowed our progress somewhat, we can still celebrate the tremendous generosity of our supporters.

A recent report has tallied our medical professionals volunteer support at nearly 60,000 hours! That’s the equivalent of 30 years of full time work. And it is likely that the number captures the true contributions of volunteers, as countless hours went unrecorded by humble souls who don’t acknowledge their time and effort. Many of our volunteers have stayed with us for years, and served in a variety of roles. I thank everyone who has contributed to the success of A Better World.
Despite a slow economy, we have still managed to fund more than 75% of our planned projects for the year. I am optimistic that the final two months will bring us closer to completing our goals. Please read below about a few of our recent accomplishments, and to find available opportunities to support projects that will change the lives of children.

Eric Rajah
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Inspiring New Developments

This year we completed the third and largest phase of our work at Tanzania’s Mombo Health Centre : the outpatient building. The existing building needed extensive upgrades, which were once again funded by Cathy Roozen. The outpatient building houses the doctors’ office, records centre, pharmacy, and waiting room. A Better World has already completed a surgery ward and mortuary for the Mombo Health Centre , which serves a large number of people over a vast, remote region in western Tanzania.

In April, Eric Rajah and project founder Dr. Azalea Lehndorff travelled to Afghanistan to turn over the completed 100 Classroom Project to Afghanistan’s Minister of Education. This enormous project required $1.4 million from numerous donors and required over nine years to complete. In a country that has been tormented by war and internal unrest over that period, all of the schools built or improved by A Better World are still secure and filled to capacity with students eager to receive an education. Each school also has toilets and libraries, providing students with a safe and comfortable learning environment. This is a tremendous example of how one young person's vision can help thousands of children get an education.

A Better World has released the annual Christmas catalogue. This catalogue features modest gifts that make a big difference in the lives of children overseas, such as sweaters, classroom desks or even corrective surgeries – which are surprisingly affordable in overseas countries. These are ideal gifts for people with generous hearts and a compassion for others who ask little for themselves.

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