I hope your summer is off to a good start. As I have proceeded through the past year and a half as ABWM president, attending exam review meetings, other board functions and wound care courses, I am often asked questions about the ABWM Board of Directors. Who is on the board? What does the board do? How can I be considered for the board?

The Board of Directors oversees the ABWM in its mission to promote the science of prevention, care and treatment of wounds. Our organization’s primary mission is to establish a national certification process. To that end, the Board oversees and manages the organization in its day-to-day as well as year-to-year functions. The Board meets twice yearly at a central location and also interacts via group phone conferences on a monthly basis. Our most recent meeting, this past April in Chicago, focused on topics including: the continuing medical education requirement; testing for international candidates; planned website improvements; exam committee reports detailing test analysis results from 2017; and ABWM Foundation activities. All correspondence received by the ABWM is carefully reviewed and responses are formulated. A president’s report, a treasurer’s report and marketing committee reports are discussed at each meeting. Additionally, executive staff members are present and the future direction of the organization is planned and discussed. One of the joys of serving on the board includes the camaraderie and friendships that have developed. Besides all being passionate about wound care, the board members enjoy each other’s company and display a mutual respect for one another’s ideas and perspectives. In the end, our organization is stronger and more effective because of the open dialogue that takes place during our board meetings. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the 2017-18 board members who have dedicated their time and energy to strengthening our organization: