October 2021 Newsletter
Karen A. Wientjes, PT, DPT, MPH, CWS®
Autumn is finally arriving in my neck of the woods. I love to see the warm colors, as brief as it may be before they start to fall to the ground. This newsletter sweeps in with a few announcements and some reminders as we head into the final months of 2021.
I am pleased to say that the ABWM Ambassador program has been up and running for nearly 4 years now. What a great group of motivated clinicians out there proudly spreading the word about our certification exams through their grassroots outreach. You guys have done a fantastic job during this unprecedented time, and I always look forward to hearing about your activities and ideas. We are planning to expand this program. If you might be interested in serving as an ABWM Ambassador in 2022, please check out this link to indicate your interest and receive more information. If selected, we will hook you up with an ABWM materials and giveaways toolkit to bring along to your work affiliations or next speaking engagement.
The ABWM will be exhibiting at WoundCon Fall on November 12th. If you would like to take advantage of this free wound care conference, please stop by and say hi at our virtual booth. We would love to see you!

Finally, I will leave you with a gentle reminder as we head into the upcoming renewal season. Be sure to keep your credential current by uploading evidence of at least six (6) wound care CEUs. Remember, you can always visit the ABWM Foundation website for a directory of CEU resources if you cannot attend the Fall conferences.
Stay safe. Enjoy nature’s colorful transition!
“Be the reason someone feels welcomed, seen, heard, valued, loved, and supported.” - Unknown.

Karen A. Wientjes, PT, DPT, MPH, CWS®
2022 Renewal Season Begins Soon!
A reminder to all of our currently certified Associates and Diplomates that the 2022 Annual Renewal season begins next month.

In addition to the $150 renewal fee, six hours of Continuing Education Units in wound care are required in order to complete the process. The CEUs must have been completed during the 2021 calendar year. See the ABWM Foundation website for a directory of CEU resources. Payment is due before January 31st 2022; after this date, late fees will be incurred.

Once the 2022 renewal season begins, you will find easy step-by-step instructions to complete your renewal online in your ABWM account in Certemy. Please log-in ahead of time to ensure your profile is up to date.

Don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions about CEUs or the annual renewal process.

Congratulations to everyone who was recently certified! The ABWM would like to recognize all newly certified Associates and Diplomates who received their CWCA®, CWS®, or CWSP® credentials from August 4th - October 18th 2021.

Visit the ABWM booth at WoundCon Fall
NOVEMBER 12, 2021
Registration is now open for WoundCon Fall 2021 and we invite you to register for free today for this global wound care conference and expo. Visit ABWM's Virtual Booth to learn about our three wound care certifications - the CWCA®, the CWS® and the CWSP® - and to chat with ABWM staff about eligibility, how to apply, and other frequently asked questions.

8:00AM – 6:45PM EST | NOVEMBER 12

WoundCon Fall offers 15 new CME/CE wound care sessions, new speakers, and exhibit hall activities such as product demonstrations, in-booth presentations with top thought-leaders and interactive Q&A sessions, a poster hall and networking lounge to help you expand your education on the latest in evidence-based wound care.

More Time to Watch, Never Miss a Session
In addition to the live conference day on November 12, WoundCon Fall will be available on-demand from November 13 – November 26.

Health Care Professionals Earn Up to 15 Free CME/CE Credits
Learn about the latest management strategies, treatments, and science in this area of medicine while earning up to 15 free CME/CE credits all while networking with wound care professionals and exhibitors from around the globe.

Available in your Time Zone
You will have access to our CME/CE wound care content in 3 time zones around the globe. Now you can attend WoundCon during hours more convenient in your local time zone.

WoundCon is created for health care professionals like you who are passionate about wound care and improving patient care. Be sure to let your colleagues know that licensed health care professionals attend for free and earn free CME/CE for attending.

M. Dolores Farrer, DPM, MBA, CWS®:
Why I'm Proud Be ABWM Certified
My first CWS® certificate proudly hung in my wound clinic office in 2003. Fast forward to 2018, when I became an ambassador for the American Board of Wound Management (ABWM). Since then, I have taken every opportunity to share my belief in the importance of being wound care certified. I have dedicated 28 years to treating lower extremity ulcerations and feel that board certification is proof of my knowledge, passion, and commitment to the wound care profession.  

While presenting CME wound care seminars to practitioners around the U.S., I will find time to discuss my decision to be certified through ABWM. Being board certified demonstrates high achievement and qualification of clinical competence. The examination tested my medical knowledge, judgment, and educational standards of practice.  

In other non-medical fields, such as engineering or accounting, being certified in your specialty demonstrates expertise in your field. Why would wound care be any different?  

Join me and thousands of others in becoming ABWM certified so you too can proudly hang your certificate on the office wall. Begin the process today by going to abwmcertified.org

M. Dolores Farrer, DPM, MBA, CWS®
Become an ABWM Ambassador in 2022
The ABWM Ambassador program is searching for new volunteers for 2022!

The ABWM Ambassador Program was created to help promote ABWM’s mission - to encourage the study and elevate the standards of wound care. By serving as an ABWM Ambassador, you are helping us further our brand awareness and helping to educate the community of wound care professionals in your local region. The ABWM Ambassador program also serves as a pipeline to other ABWM leadership opportunities, such as the Exam Committees, and the Board of Directors.

Volunteers for the role of ABWM Ambassador must hold a current Certified Wound Care Associate (CWCA®), Certified Wound Specialist (CWS®) or Certified Wound Specialist Physician (CWSP®) certification. Ambassadors will be required to participate in one or two training webinars throughout the year (as needed) in preparation for the role of ABWM Ambassador. Ambassadors will serve a minimum of one year. More details on Ambassador duties and expectations will be provided upon application.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for the 2022 calendar year, please fill in this short survey and an ABWM representative will be in touch.
The American Board of Wound Management is the original multidisciplinary certification in wound care and is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).
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