AC News | February 2019
Thank you for becoming a member of Anabaptist Communicators!

We are excited to announce we have over 30 "official" members for 2019 representing over 10 organizations. Welcome to Anabaptist Communicators – a network of professionals working in a broad spectrum of communications with the opportunity to connect with like-minded people of faith.

As your board, we are here to help draw us together. Keith Lyndaker is the editor of PeaceSigns, the magazine for the Peace & Justice Support Network of Mennonite Church USA. Micah Brickner is at Eastern Mennonite Missions as Communications Director. Joel Nofziger is Communications Director at Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society. Diana Williams is the East Coast Communications Coordinator for Mennonite Central Committee and Lisa Williams is the Director of Communications at Mennonite Church Eastern Canada. We are working hard to implement our new membership model. We continue to look for new members for the board and invite you to contact one of us if you are interested.
Spread the word to your colleagues and friends that Anabaptist Communicators is the place to be for connections, support, and ideas!
Lisa Williams
On behalf of the Board – Micah, Keith, Joel and Diana
By Joel Nofziger (Part 1 of 3)

Within my first week at the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, a board member arranged to meet with me to talk about the style we used in our publicity materials. A former art teacher, she advised me, “Make sure that everything you use and create is Mennonite art.” When I asked what that meant, she just replied, “You’ll figure it out.”

It is one of the distinctives of Anabaptist thought and practice to say that our faith needs to inform all we do. If we take this to be true, than it necessarily follows that there must be a distinctively Anabaptist way of communicating, since we must embody our faith while working. The following is an attempt to lay out what some of those distinctives might be, admittedly working for a historically-inclined Swiss-German originating, Pennsylvania Mennonite perspective, heavily influenced by my wife’s membership with Conservative Friends (Quakers).

First, to be consistent with Christian faith and practice, communication in an Anabaptist perspective needs to be honest and told with integrity. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says, “But let your words be yes, yes, and no, no; for anything which adds to these is a deception” (Lamsa, Matthew 5:37).

I want to be clear that I am not espousing the line taken by some conservative Mennonites (and even some early Quakers) who argue that the requirement to speak only truth excludes the possibility of using literary or artistic fiction; sometimes fiction can be more true than nonfiction.

Let me share with you a brand story that has origins in this Anabaptist-adjacent group...

February 21, 2019, noon EST
Featuring John Longhurst

What is our digital future? Where is digital communication taking us? Where is it not taking us? What about print media? Will it really cease to exist? What does this mean? How can we collaborate? Let’s have the conversation!
Sign up today and send this link to your friends. This event is open to people who are interested in Anabaptist Communicators and not yet a member. An email will be sent with log-in instructions prior to the event.
John Longhurst is a freelance communications expert based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. He is a faith page columnist with the Winnipeg Free Press and blogs at Making the News Canada , a blog about media relations, marketing and communications.
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Website Developer for Haiti Mission
Sam Dinius from Sauder Mfg. Engineering contacted Anabaptist Communicators asking for someone to help their Haiti mission set up a simple web site. They are a small Anabaptist relief organization that is based out of Northwest Ohio. Most of their affiliations would be with the Dunkard Brethren church and most are relatively new to web design. Maintenace would be covered by Sam.

If interested, contact Sam .
Dir. of Advancement at Landis Communities
Develops and oversees all aspects of advancement for Landis Communities, including annual giving, events, planned gifts and major gifts. Promotes the organizational vision and mission among constituents to develop a strong support base. Leads Advancement team. Serves as major gifts officer.

For more information, click here .
Managing Editor for Purpose Magazine
MennoMedia is looking for a managing editor for Purpose magazine, a 32-page monthly magazine filled with stories of everyday inspiration. Responsibilities include soliciting and editing articles; working with copyeditor, proofreader and designer; overseeing the editorial process. Applicants for this contract position at MennoMedia should have editorial experience.

To apply, send a letter of application and resume by February 18, to Amy Gingerich .

You will be receiving an email shortly about affinity group meetings. There was an overwhelming response to connect online with each other. These groups will be self-run and will be an amazing place to connect with colleagues about burning issues or amazing ideas in our work.

KW Communicators meet the third Thursday of each month at 50 Kent Ave., Kitchener, ON at noon. Contact Lisa Williams for more info!

The 2019 AC Conference planning committee has hit the ground running and are excited to announce this year’s conference will be Monday-Wednesday, October 21-23 at Massanetta Springs Conference Center in the Harrisonburg, VA, area! This is your opportunity to reconnect and fellowship with those who do what you do.... and learn a few things in the process! Stay tuned for more information.

Thank you to this year's planning committee: Melodie Davis, MennoMedia, Christle Gehman, MDS, Jesse Huxman, freelancer, Mike Strathdee, MEDA, Jon Trotter, VMM, and Diana Williams, MCC/AC Board!

A membership page will be on our website soon. This will be an area to provide video clips of conference presenters, contact information of members, Talking Heads Live videos, as well as other information we have not thought of yet!