Parshat Vayelekh Shabbat Shuvah
September 11, 2021 / 5 Tishrei 5782
Kabbalat Shabbat Friday, 6:30pm Join Us In Person, or Via Zoom
Sanctuary Services: Saturday, 9:45am Join Us In Person, Live Streamed or Via Zoom
TeleTefila Services: P'sukei D'zimra 9:40am, Shacharit, 10am Via Zoom
Minyan M'at Shabbat Shuvah Services: Saturday, 10am in Hirsch Hall
Kiddush On The Korner: Saturday, 12 noon Ansche Chesed West End Steps
TeleTefila Havdallah: Saturday, 8:02pm Via Zoom
Candle Lighting: 6:55pm
Torah Reading: Parshat Vayelekh Deuteronomy 31:1-30 (31:1-30)
Haftara: Hoseah 14:2-10, Micah 7:18-20
Shabbat Ends: 7:52pm
Yom Kippur
Wednesday, September 15
6pm: Sanctuary Kol Nidre Service (First Seating) In Person and LIVESTREAMED
6:45pm: Minyan M'at Kol Nidre Service in Hirsch Hall and VIA ZOOM
6:45pm: West Side Minyan Kol Nidre Service, VIA ZOOM
8pm: Sanctuary Kol Nidre Service (Second Seating) In Person and LIVESTREAMED

Thursday, September 16
9am: Sanctuary Service (First Seating) In Person and LIVESTREAMED
9:30am: Minyan M'at Services in Hirsch Hall and VIA ZOOM
9:30am: West Side Minyan Service, VIA ZOOM
12pm: Sanctuary Service (Second Seating) and LIVESTREAMED
4:30pm: The Great and Wonderful Story of Jonah and the Big Fish
(Meet at the Fireman's Memorial on Riverside and 100th)
4:45pm: Outdoor Yizkor Service (on the West End Avenue Steps)
Please join AC's clergy on the West End Avenue steps for an outdoor Yikzor service. No pre-registration required. Open to AC members and non-members, especially those who do not feel comfortable at indoor services or who were closed out.
5pm: Sanctuary Mincha Service In Person and LIVESTREAMED
5pm Minyan M'at Mincha Service in Hirsch Hall and VIA ZOOM
5pm: West Side Minyan Mincha and Neilah Service, VIA ZOOM
6pm: Sanctuary Neilah Service In Person and LIVESTREAMED
7:40pm: Tekiat Shofar
Yom Kippur will conclude with Shema Israel, shofar blowing, lightstick parade and Havdalah on 100th Street.

Children's Services
We are thrilled to offer in-person, outdoor, High Holiday Family and Children’s Services on the Ansche Chesed Roof.

Please register for the children's services here
Thursday, September 16
9-9:45am: Mishpacha Services (geared at children aged 0-4 and their families)
10:15-11:10am: Yigdal Services (geared at children aged 5-7 and their families)
11:30am-12:15pm: Big Kids Service (geared at children aged 8-12, kids only)
Mazel Tov to Charlotte Zucker, her parents, Jill and Joshua, and her sisters Lindsay and Ruby, on the occasion of Charlotte's Bat Mitzvah this Shabbat at Mincha.
We mourn the loss of Ansche Chesed member Mitchell Zaretsky, and send comfort to his wife Liliane, his sons Jay and Eric, Eric's wife Jamie, and their children Maya and Ben.

We wish comfort to Adrienne Zicklin Kanter and her husband David and children Benjamin, Rebecca, and Danielle at the passing of Adrienne's mother, Carole Adler Zicklin.
Book Of Remembrance
The Book of Remembrance lists those close to us who have passed away, but who have not been forgotten. Normally, it is published in the fall and spring each year, and is distributed to congregants on the four days on which we say Yizkor, the memorial service: the last day of Passover, the second day of Shavuot, Yom Kippur, and Shemini Atzeret.

When recalling the memories of our loved ones during the Yizkor service, we pledge charity to perpetuate their ideals. In this booklet, there is a tangible place for each of us to publicly remember those we miss.

This year we are continuing with our digital version of our Book of Remembrance that will be available throughout the year. We encourage you to visit this site to provide the names of your loved ones.
High Holiday Mahzor
As we did last year, we will be making a digital version of Mahzor Lev Shalem available to our members who will be with us virtually for the High Holidays. For those of you who wish to have your own physical copy of the Mahzor, we encourage you to purchase a copy from local Judaica store West Side Judaica, or on-line from the Rabbinical Assembly. We are not able to lend out copies of the mahzor this year.

You can access the digital version at https://www.anschechesed.org/mahzor when prompted, use password: Apple251.
Return To Masking
In response to the uptick in COVID cases, the CDC has changed their guidance, and now urges people to wear masks at indoor programs even if vaccinated. As a result, the leadership of Ansche Chesed will be mandating masks at all indoor programming and services.

Click here to read the notice that was sent out by Rabbi Kalmanofsky and synagogue president, Dawn Kellman. Thank you for your understanding, and please stay safe and healthy.
Disability Access
The 100th Street entrance will remain closed Monday through Friday. Access to our building will be through our West End Avenue entrance.

For Kabbalat Shabbat, people who require disability access should alert Artie at the West End Avenue entrance and he will call someone on staff to open the 100th Street entrance. 

On Shabbat and during the High Holiday services, the 100th Street entrance will be open to people who require disability access.
Weekday Morning Minyan
Monday-Friday at 7:30am 
Sunday at 8:30am
or call: 929 205 6099
Meeting ID: 933 006 171
Passcode: minyan

We have begun to hold our Sunday morning minyan in person at 8:30am in the Ansche Chesed sanctuary.
Please join us!

Please note, this service will continue to be available via Zoom as well
Kabbalat Shabbat
Friday, 6:30pm IN PERSON or Via Zoom
Join us as we begin Shabbat with our traditional Kabbalat Shabbat and maariv service.

We are thrilled that Ansche Chesed can safely open to ever increasing numbers of davveners. Please join us in person in the coming weeks and months.

or call
929 205 6099
Meeting ID: 875 1782 0145
Passcode: Shabbat
Shabbat Morning Services
Saturday, 9:45am IN PERSON in the Sanctuary, Live Streamed, or Via Zoom
PLEASE NOTE: 9:45am Start Time

Join the Ansche Chesed community for a traditional Conservative Shabbat morning prayer service.

Please note that we have returned to our normal 9:45am start time. Please continue to enter the building via our West End Avenue entrance (unless mobility issues make it necessary for you to use the lift.)

We are grateful to the Rabbinical Assembly (RA) for making Siddur Lev Shalem and the Torah reading for Parshat Vayelekh from the Etz Hayim Chumash available to us as PDF's for those who join us via Zoom.

We hope that everyone will be able to fully participate with us!

or call
929 205 6099
Meeting ID: 875 1782 0145
Passcode: Shabbat
Kiddush on the Korner
Saturday, after Shabbat morning services, approx. 12 noon.
Please join us on West End Avenue in front of Ansche Chesed after services for Kiddush, weather permitting. To sponsor a Kiddush, contact Martin Sivorinovsky, msivorinovsky@anschechesed.org.
Shabbat Morning Study
RETURNING Saturdays in Late September or Early October, 8:45am 
IN PERSON, Live Stream, or Via Zoom
Join Rabbi Kalmanofsky to delve into the weekly portion through the eyes of favorite commentators-ancient, medieval, and modern; midrashic, mystical, and academic.

or call
929 205 6099
Meeting ID: 875 1782 0145
Passcode: Shabbat
Shirei Chesed Community Chorus Led by Hazzan Hirschhorn
RETURNING Tuesday, October 5, 7:30-9pm IN PERSON
Shirei Chesed Community Chorus continues to build community through learning a rich and diverse repertoire of Jewish music, and bring harmony into the world that needs it more than ever. During the height of Covid Era we focused on growing our repertoire and musicianship, as well as recording a few virtual choir projects here, here, and here

This year we are cautiously optimistic about our ability to sing in the same space again, even though some extra precautions may be needed. All participants will be required to submit a proof of vaccination, masking may be required.

Ability to carry a tune is important; reading Hebrew or music is not required; Free for Ansche Chesed members; non-members pay $90 per semester or $180 per year. For more information, or to schedule an audition, please email NHirschhorn@AnscheChesed.org.
Talmud Study With Rabbi Kalmanofsky
RETURNING Wednesday, October 6, 7pm Via Zoom
This year in Wednesday night Talmud we will study the tenth chapter of Tractate Pesachim.

Once Sukkot ends .. it's almost Passover! This year let's begin getting ready early by studying the Talmudic chapter devoted to the night of the Seder. This chapter has a wonderful blend of law and lore, will make you think about history and will deepen your Passover celebration.
Meeting ID: 889 9369 5753
Passcode: Pesachim
The amazing transformation inside Ansche Chesed continues. Below, see our exciting progress in creating a reimagined Ansche Chesed where we will Welcome Better, Celebrate Better, Work Better, Pray Better. 

Our new 5th floor professional office suite is nearly complete!  The carpet already is in place and furniture will be installed next week.  Our devoted clergy and staff will Work Better by the end of September.  Two new ADA restrooms are fully functional.  The new kosher kitchen is almost done. 

Minyan M’at’s davening space will be available after the holidays; COVID 19 protocols will dictate when and how M’at can return to in-person davening there.

If you were with us in person for Rosh Hashana, it was great to have you back.  If you were with us in spirit only, rest assured our doors are now open, and when you’re ready to come back, we’ll be here for you. 

Nearly half of the membership already has pledged and/or donated to the Rav Chesed Campaign, and we have raised more than $7 million to date. But with an $8 million goal, we need every member to contribute.

If you already have donated, thank you for getting us this far. If you have not yet pledged or contributed, call Executive Director Josh Hanft at 212-865-0600 x 209, or stay tuned for further information on how to participate.
Help Afghani Refugees Resettle in America
AC members, can you help during this urgent crisis? 

Resettlement assistance may range from short-term needs like furnishing an apartment to longer-term needs like helping with a job search (many are professionals), enrolling children in school, obtaining a driver's license, and more. Help might include direct contact with families but also materials and donations. Friendly, welcoming neighbors are also invaluable during times of stress and tremendous change.

We are contacting NYC-area agencies working with refugee families and will know more about what they need. We are eager to put together a list of congregants who are interested in leading or helping with this effort. If you would like to be part of this, we will keep you informed as our response takes shape. Please contact MargotRBecker@hotmail.com.

We realize this is the busiest time in the Jewish calendar... and we also realize the crisis for these Afghani families can not wait.
Ruth's Refuge
Ruth's Refuge needs your help preparing for more arrivals of unaccompanied minors as well as families from Afghanistan. It is a very fluid and unpredictable situation right now, but they need to be prepared for arrivals at a moment's notice.
Ways You Can Help:
Purchase from their Amazon Wishlist or Target Wishlist so they have what we need in stock. 

Donate Money
Ruth's Refuge need to obtain extra storage and pay for movers to meet demand. They need more funds to make this happen. Please donate as generously as you can.

Ruth's Refuge need people for delivery crews, both for Afghan families and refugees from other countries as well. They also need volunteers to put together beds and other furniture in people's homes. Behind the scenes help is also needed to help get the word out to people and make information available. Email margo@ruthsrefuge.org.
Community Fridges Need Our Support
Looking for a way to ease hunger in our community this holiday season and beyond? Consider supporting one of the friendly fridges in our neighborhood. At community refrigerators anyone may take what they need or leave food for others. 

Donations of fresh produce, frozen meals, packaged and pantry items, etc., are all welcome. 
Ujamaa Community Fridge
Columbus Ave @ 101st Street
(West Side of Columbus)
The West End Community Fridge
77th St between Broadway and WEA
open M-F, 9am-5pm
What Matters
Ansche Chesed is pleased to announce it has joined with other New York synagogues and communal organizations in an initiative called What Matters: Caring Conversations About End of Life. This effort aims to heighten awareness around the importance of completing advance care directives, and enable individuals to thoughtfully consider and document their end of life preferences, with opportunities to engage Jewish values as part of the process. Confidential conversations are conducted by trained and certified Ansche Chesed facilitators, who are available to answer important questions and help walk you through the process, clarifying your goals and wishes for future healthcare and related choices in case you are unable to speak for yourself.
We look forward to working with you on this important initiative. Should you wish to schedule a conversation, please eMail, whatmatters@anschechesed.org, or leave a message at (212)865.0600 x201, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
Do you know someone who is ill or in need of temporary support? The Bikkur Cholim Committee is here to help.
If you know someone who is ill and in need of a visit or a meal, or other assistance, please contact the Bikkur Cholim committee. The Bikkur Cholim committee helps care for Ansche Chesed members who are ill or have been hospitalized. We visit them; telephone and send cards; provide meals, especially for Shabbat; shop for them; and escort them to doctors' appointments.

Please contact Maron Waxman or Bettyrose Nelson at BikkurCholim@AnscheChesed.org if you need help or to join the Bikkur Cholim volunteer corps.

Click here for more information on life cycle support at Ansche Chesed.
Kidney Donor Urgently Sought
Our cousin, 23 years after receiving a successful kidney transplant, is now in deteriorating health and urgently in need of a new kidney. If you are interested in coming to the rescue, we would appreciate your help. If you are willing to be a match, email Richard.Roth@turner.com or reach out to us at here.

With thanks,

Martin and Tamara Green
Hear The Call: Go Big On Climate!
Sunday, September 12, 1pm, Grand Army Plaza RSVP Here
As climate disasters intensify across the country, politicians in D.C. are haggling over a sweeping economic recovery bill. If we raise our voices, this bill could deliver jobs, justice, and game-changing action on climate. But only if we can demonstrate broad, public support.

As we usher in the Jewish New Year, the time for climate action is NOW. We must re-commit to turning the tide on climate change and address its disproportionate impact on communities of color. With the blasts of the shofar, we will demonstrate the power of the people and provide Senator Schumer with the support and hizuk (encouragement and strength) to ensure that climate legislation is passed NOW.

We welcome all who are interested to Join Dayenu NY and Jewish Climate Action Network-NYC on Sunday, September 12 from 1-2pm at Grand Army Plaza for our “Hear Our Call-Climate Action Now” rally. RSVP here.

Ansche Chesed members can meet up with Mary Krieger at 96th and Broadway or Kathy Kendall at 72nd and Broadway at 12pm and travel together to the rally.

Questions? Please send email hear.the.call.nyc.sept@gmail.com

Please wear a mask and be prepared to follow COVID-19 safety precautions.
Chef's Table
A new year is upon us …
Please place your orders for the High Holidays with Chefs Table.

Our long-time friend and kitchen tenant Chef's Table and its principal Bruce Soffer offer you catering menus for Shabbat and Jewish and secular holidays. If you like, please take a look at his work. 

Chef's Table Kosher Catering has prepared gourmet foods, delivered to customers in New York City. These are pre-cooked, delicious kosher meals delivered right to your door.

Bruce is still actively working in the kitchen during the construction. Please contact him directly for your catering needs.

Visit their website to view their special menu.

Contact Bruce at (917)-868-7964 or his website for more information.
If you are a member, you may send "shuk" postings to shuk@anschechesed.org. All postings must have a member's contact info, and received by Tuesday at 3pm.
Postings run for only two weeks.
Despite our best efforts and extensive proofreading, we apologize for any errors or omissions. Please note: If you wish to be included in the Community or Shuk sections of the Weekly Newsletter (which is sent out on Thursday), please email druskay@anschechesed.org with a Word or plain text version of your title, date/time, brief blurb, and relevant link/contact info by end of business on Tuesday.