Parshat Shemot
January 9, 2021 / 25 Tevet 5781
Kabbalat Shabbat: Friday, 5:30pm Via Zoom
Sanctuary Services: Saturday, 9:45am Via Zoom
TeleTefila Services: Saturday, 10am Via Zoom
TeleTefilah Havdallah Saturday, 5:32pm Via Zoom
Candle Lighting: 4:28pm
Torah Reading: Shemot | Exodus 1:1 - 6:1 (3:1 - 4:17)
Haftara: Isaiah 27:6-28:13 29:22-23
Shabbat Ends: 5:32pm
The Un-Distancing Hour: Thursday, 5:30pm Via Zoom
Shabbat Morning Study: Saturday, 8:45am Via Zoom
Meditation Monday Monday, 3pm Via Zoom
An Introduction To Kabbalah Monday, 7pm Via Zoom
Psalm Of The Week Tuesday, 8:15am Via Zoom
Talmud Study Wednesday, 7pm Via Zoom
Mazel Tov to Hillel Zvi Tulchin, his parents Allan Tulchin and Judy Miller Tulchin and gradnparents Gene Tulchin, Ruth Miller, and Nina and Abe Bunks on the occasion of Hillel's Bar Mitzvah this Shabbat in Washington, DC.
Gift of Life Bone Marrow Registry
A few weeks ago, we sent you an e-mail explaining that an Ansche Chesed member was in profound need of a transplant to address her rapidly worsening leukemia. We urged you to find someone between 18 and 35 to register as a potential donor with the hopes that we would find a match.  

We're off to a good start. Many thanks to those of you who have already participated.

But we need to do more! A few minutes of your time can literally save a life.

More information is available here. Please reach out today to a potential donor, and follow up with them to ensure he or she requests and returns a Gift of Life cheek swab. Start the New Year with a huge mitzvah.
Weekday Morning Minyan
Monday-Friday at 7:30am 
Sunday at 8:30am
or call: 929 205 6099
Meeting ID: 933 006 171
Passcode: minyan
Kabbalat Shabbat
Friday, 5:30pm Via Zoom
Join us as we begin Shabbat with our traditional Kabbalat Shabbat and, now that Shabbat is beginning earlier, a full maariv service.

Please join the Ansche Chesed clergy to reconnect with our community as well as find nourishment and inspiration in the music and words of our tradition.

Please click in before services begin for some time to schmooze and greet each other first, the ritual gathering will start at 5:30pm.

or call
929 205 6099, 
Meeting ID: 875 1782 0145
Passcode: Shabbat
Shabbat Morning Services
Saturday, 9:45am Via Zoom

When will you sign in? We have set this up so that the same Zoom will be used for Kabbalat Shabbat as for Shabbat Morning, so you can join us for Kabbalat Shabbat, (before Shabbat begins) and be set, as long as you disable your computer's sleep function. We will begin tefillah itself promptly at 9:45am.
We will recite prayers for healing during our morning services. Since most participants will be muted, you won't get to call out the name of those you have in mind. If you'd like to give Rabbi Kalmanofsky the name of an ailing friend or loved one, please email the names to him at RJK@AnscheChesed.org and include your relationship to the person you are praying for. When/if the person you've been praying for is doing better, please let us know, so we can joyfully remove them from this list!

We are grateful to the Rabbinical Assembly (RA) for making Siddur Lev Shalem and Parshat Shemot from the Etz Hayim Chumash available to us as PDF's. During our Zoom services, we will typically read a smaller quantity of Torah than we do in person.
We hope that everyone will be able to fully participate with us!

or call
929 205 6099
Meeting ID: 875 1782 0145
Passcode: Shabbat
Serve our Community in Honor of Martin Luther King Day
Sunday, January 17, 10am | Rain/Snow date MLK Day, • Monday, January 18
Meet outside of Ansche Chesed on 100th Street
ONE BLOCK is a non-profit, formed this summer in response to the massive cuts to the Department of Sanitation budget. Upper West Side residents commit to clean their block or side streets 1 or 2 days a week, and there are weekly group cleanups as well. Through donations, ONE BLOCK also pays for 3 ACE Programs for the Homeless employees to clean Amsterdam, Broadway, and Columbus Avenue 5 days a week.

  • Warmly dressed volunteers should meet outside Ansche Chesed (251 West 100th Street) at 10am.
  • Jake Russell and Ann Cutbill Lenane, founders of ONE BLOCK, will give out bags, gloves, and ONE BLOCK baseball hats.
  • If you’d like to bring a garbage grabber, you can buy one at your local hardware store or on Amazon.
  • Children are welcome to help, but they must be carefully supervised. 
  • Bringing your dog is not a good idea for a variety of reasons.
  • You will bag as much garbage as you can (not twigs or leaves) and place it next to the existing trash bins.
  • You will be asked to clean approximately 3 to 4 blocks between West End Avenue and Amsterdam, between 96th Street and 110th Street. 
  • Feel free to take pictures and videos, and make sure to tag #OneBlockUWS. 
  • PLEASE DO NOT reserve a spot for children under 15, they are welcome to come, but the sign up sheet is only for volunteers ages 15 and older. 

Love and Rebuke: Social Protest and the Legacy of Martin Luther King with Rabbi Bill Plevan
Tuesday, January 19, 3pm Via Zoom
Martin Luther King's advocacy of non-violent protest was deeply rooted in a Christian love ethic that demands love of the enemy. Join Rabbi Bill Plevan to look at some of the most daring of King's interpretations of this love ethic and consider how Jews might view the relationship between love and non-violent social protest. In particular we will look at the relationship between love and rebuke in Leviticus 19:17-18 and its meaning for the challenges of our times.

Rabbi Bill Plevan holds rabbinic ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary and a doctorate in Religion from Princeton University where he wrote his dissertation on the German-Jewish philosopher Martin Buber. He has taught Jewish philosophy, theology and ethics at the Jewish Theological Seminary, Gratz College, Hebrew Union College, and in a variety of adult educational settings.

WAR OF SHADOWS by Gershom Gorenberg
Thursday, January 21, 7:30pm Via Zoom
Join us as we welcome author and journalist Gershom Gorenberg live from Israel as he discusses his newest book War of Shadows:Codebreakers, Spies, and the Secret Struggle to Drive the Nazis from the Middle East.

War of Shadows is a a true-life spy thriller: the story of the World War II espionage affair that brought Germany's Erwin Rommel to the very brink of conquering the Middle East - bringing with him the S.S. officer already responsible for the murder of half a million Jews. Only a last-minute intelligence breakthrough cut off Rommel's secret source and defeated the Nazis.

Years in the making, this book is a feat of historical research and storytelling. Set against intrigues that spanned the Middle East, it presents a new picture of a crucial period in the pre-state history of Israel, and challenges the conventional memory of World War II and and of the Holocaust.
Gershom Gorenberg is the author of War of Shadows: Codebreakers, Spies, and the Secret Struggle to Drive the Nazis from the Middle East. His previous books include The Unmaking of Israel and The Accidental Empire: Israel and the Birth of the Settlements, 1967-1977. He is a columnist for the Washington Post, and has written for The New York Times Magazine, Atlantic Monthly and The New York Review of Books and in Hebrew for Haaretz. He lives in Jerusalem, except during stints teaching a workshop on writing history at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.

The Czech Scroll Story: from WWII to the Diaspora
Sunday, January 31, 7pm Via Zoom
A series of miracles allowed a huge hoard of Czech Torah scrolls to survive the devastation of the Shoah and stand as a testament to the communities that perished. The Memorial Scrolls Trust is committed to maintaining the legacy of these scrolls by dispersing 1400 of them around the world on permanent loan from our collection. To those who were entrusted with the scrolls, they are a symbol of hope as well as sorrow. The hope pushed forward an ongoing mission. We believe these Czech scrolls should be reinstituted in Jewish life as a memorial to the vanished communities which once treasured them. The Memorial Scrolls Trust bears witness to the fulfillment of this hope. Let us teach our children about the world of miracles and let us use the scrolls to remind people about what binds them together everyday
Lois Roman is a Trustee of the Memorial Scrolls Trust (MST), and serves as the US Representative based on the East Coast. The Memorial Scrolls Trust is a London based non-profit which oversees the legacy of 1,564 Czech Torah scrolls that survived the Shoah. After a miraculous story of survival, these scrolls arrived in London and were dispersed on permanent loan to caring communities around the world. Lois began her involvement with MST several years ago following a long career on Wall Street as a money manager. She has a degree from Brandeis University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

High Risk: Stories of Pregnancy, Birth, and the Unexpected
Thursday, February 18, 7pm Via Zoom
In this book talk from high-risk ob doctor Chavi Eve Karkowsky, we'll discuss the stories we don't tell about our reproductive lives such as the origins of our families, of our bodies, and of the larger medical system - and what we lose because we don't.

Dr. Karkowsky completed medical school at Mount Sinai, her residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the integrated program at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, followed by a fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) at Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and
now works as a high risk obstetrics specialist in New York City. 

Chavi has written for the Atlantic, Slate, the Washington Post, and other publications. "High Risk: Stories of Pregnancy, Birth, and the Unexpected" (Liveright/Norton 2020) is her first book, and is available everywhere that books are sold

To Schmooze or not to Schmooze: The Un-Distancing Hour
Thursdays, 5:30pm Via Zoom
We'd like to announce the rebranding and re-imagining of the Thursday afternoon Kiddush cocktail hour, which has been a lovely way for people to connect during this crazy time. But we thought it needed a transformation into something a bit more specific.

Before the pandemic, Kiddush has traditionally been a way for people at Ansche Chesed to connect with one another, to share milestones, to kvetch and moan a bit, to express support to friends who are going through one of life's many struggles, or even to share a joke. It's informal, unstructured, and enables people to check in and out as they please. The Pre-Shabbat Un-Distancing Hour is a way to enable people to get together and continue doing that with one another, for one another.

So join us with your paper cup of seltzer or beverage of your choice. Looking forward to schmoozing.

Meeting ID: 859 7986 0603
Passcode: schmooze
Shabbat Morning Study
Saturdays, 8:45am Via Zoom
While we will not be together in person on Shabbat morning for services, that doesn't mean that we can not study together. Join Rabbi Kalmanofsky to delve into the weekly portion through the eyes of favorite commentators-ancient, medieval, and modern; midrashic, mystical, and academic.

Meeting ID: 875 1782 0145
Passcode: Shabbat
Meditation Monday
Monday, 3pm Via Zoom
Join us for virtual mindfulness meditation and contemplative practices to help us keep centered in these unpredictable times. A number of our fellow congregants are experienced meditation leaders and will act as facilitators. Through the wonders of technology, we can enjoy the power of meditating together as a community.

No prior meditation experience is necessary.

Led on alternate weeks by AC members Sheila Lewis, Sheldon Lewis, and Peter Silverman.

Meeting ID: 614 506 599
Passcode: breathe
Or Neerav/"The Sweet Light": An Introduction to Kabbalah
Mondays, 7pm Via Zoom
One of the greatest of all Kabbalists, R. Moshe Cordovero (or “Ramak,” 1520-1570, Safed, Land of Israel), wrote a primer on Jewish mystical doctrines to encourage all Jews to explore this secret realm. This relatively short work is available on Sefaria.

To mark Ramak’s 500th birthday, please join Rabbi Kalmanofsky for a weekly spiritual and intellectual adventure into the teachings and techniques that make Kabbalah one of the world’s great mystical traditions. (I promise: no red strings, no holy water. Just a holy book from a spiritual master.)

Meeting ID: 885 6780 5304
Passcode: ramak
Psalm Of The Week
Tuesdays, 8:15am Via Zoom
Most of the Bible reads as God's communication to humanity, in messages delivered through prophets like the unique Moses and his successors, Isaiah, Jeremiah and the rest. But in the Book of Psalms, Israel turns toward heaven and pours out its praises, hopes, fears and laments.

Please join Rabbi Kalmanofsky for a 30-minute Zoom study of one Psalm each Tuesday morning. 8:30am, to explore the human poetry that reveals our ancestors' spiritual life. (You don't have to join the 7:30 am morning service immediately before the class ... but it would be a terrific lead-in!)

Meeting ID: 933 006 171
Passcode: minyan
Shirei Chesed Community Chorus
Returns Tuesday, January 19, 7pm Via Zoom
Even in the Covid era, our Shirei Chesed Community Chorus will continue to build community through learning a rich and diverse repertoire of Jewish music, and bring harmony into the world that needs it more than ever. In lieu of live performances, this semester we will focus our efforts this semester on growing our repertoire and musicianship, as well as recording a virtual choir project.

Our 4-part chorus brings together almost 50 lovers of choral singing from both Ansche Chesed and the wider Jewish community. Our recent performances include classical programs with The Bachanalia String Orchestra, a jazz concert with The Afro-Semitic Experience ensemble, Oratorio Souls on Fire based on the book by Elie Wiesel, a celebration of Jewish Love Songs from around the world, performed both at AC and at the Curtis Institute of Music, and a collaboration with the Grammy nominated vocal sextet The Western Wind.

Ability to carry a tune is important; reading Hebrew or music is not required; Tuesdays 7:00-8:15pm. Free for Ansche Chesed members; non-members pay $90 per semester or $180 per year. For more information, or to schedule an audition, please email NHirschhorn@AnscheChesed.org

Meeting ID: 9830 7068 203
Passcode: 963608
Talmud Study With Rabbi Kalmanofsky:
Taking Responsibility and Fixing Mistakes
Wednesday, 7pm Via Zoom
This year, the Wednesday night Talmud class will focus on Bava Kamma chapter 9.

Jewish ethics require us to be responsible people — that we fix what we break, and pay for our crimes. This year we will study some of the Talmud’s lengthy examination of torts, the complicated economic damages people can cause. Bava Kamma chapter 9 examines the laws of robbery, fraud and the restitution those criminals must make.

The chapters we will be focusing on can be found in Bava Kamma Volume 3 in the Artscroll Schottenstein Edition or Volume 2, Series 24 in Koren/Steinsaltz edition.

Meeting ID: 872 9427 4347
Passcode: bavakamma
Mishpacha Services
Bi-Weekly on Saturdays at 10am via Zoom (January Dates to be announced)
Babies, toddlers and preschool age kids and their families are invited to join Leilah for our Mishpacha Service, this Friday afternoon. Get ready for Shabbat with songs, puppets, movement -- and your friends from Ansche Chesed. 
Meeting ID: 634 698 822
Passcode: shabbat
DOROT Winter Package Delivery
Sunday, January 24 and Monday, January 25
Deliver a package of treats and useful supplies & share warmth and companionship over the phone with an older neighbor!
Here's how it works:
  • Check in at DOROT to collect the package (171 West 85th Street).
  • Drop off the package at the senior's front door.
  • Connect with the senior by phone to share good wishes!
Please note that Sunday drop-off locations are primarily Upper East Side, Monday locations are on the Upper West Side.
Registration Closes January 20, 2021
Community Fridges Need Our Support
Looking for a way to ease hunger in our community this holiday season and beyond? Consider supporting one of the friendly fridges in our neighborhood. At community refrigerators anyone may take what they need or leave food for others. 

Donations of fresh produce, frozen meals, packaged and pantry items, etc., are all welcome. 
Ujamaa Community Fridge
Columbus Ave @ 101st Street
(West Side of Columbus)
The West End Community Fridge
77th St between Broadway and WEA
open M-F, 9am-5pm
What Matters
Ansche Chesed is pleased to announce it has joined with other New York synagogues and communal organizations in an initiative called What Matters: Caring Conversations About End of Life. This effort aims to heighten awareness around the importance of completing advance care directives, and enable individuals to thoughtfully consider and document their end of life preferences, with opportunities to engage Jewish values as part of the process. Confidential conversations are conducted by trained and certified Ansche Chesed facilitators, who are available to answer important questions and help walk you through the process, clarifying your goals and wishes for future healthcare and related choices in case you are unable to speak for yourself.
We look forward to working with you on this important initiative. Should you wish to schedule a conversation, please eMail, whatmatters@anschechesed.org, or leave a message at (212)865.0600 x201, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
Do you know someone who is ill or in need of temporary support? The Bikkur Cholim Committee is here to help.
If you know someone who is ill and in need of a visit or a meal, or other assistance, please contact the Bikkur Cholim committee. The Bikkur Cholim committee helps care for Ansche Chesed members who are ill or have been hospitalized. We visit them; telephone and send cards; provide meals, especially for Shabbat; shop for them; and escort them to doctors' appointments.

Please contact Maron Waxman or Bettyrose Nelson at BikkurCholim@AnscheChesed.org if you need help or to join the Bikkur Cholim volunteer corps.

Click here for more information on life cycle support at Ansche Chesed.
AC is Collecting Eyeglasses
More than two billion people globally need glasses but lack access due to income, distance, or disaster. Seeing clearly provides the opportunity for adults and children to succeed at school or work, and care for their families. Eye Make A Difference, a VSP Global Eyes of Hope program, is a no-cost way for companies, individuals, and organizations to donate glasses to help those in need. Please drop off your eyeglasses to the office! 
ICE Know Your Rights
If you or anyone you know may be at risk of deportation, please review these Know Your Rights flyers provided by Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights and Immigrant Defense Project.

Click here to view, download, and share all the information you need.
Big Stories Of the Little Screen- Israeli Television Through the Decades: Led by Harel Fenigstein the UWS Shaliach
Starting Wednesday, December 23, 8pm
Israeli Television has been, throughout the years, a source of influence on Israeli society and the world Jewry. By exploring it from its beginning in the 1950's as an educational broadcasting services we will learn about its development and influences, all the way to today's growing demand for it in the world.

The series will include, clips and snippets of Israeli TV, old and new.

Registration and more information: https://rebrand.ly/israelitv
or email: Harelf@jafi.org
Get Covid-19 Exposure Alerts:
Add Your Phone, Stop The Spread
To stop the spread of COVID-19, New York needs each of us to do our part. One way you can help yourself and your community is by participating in our newly launched mobile contract tracing app COVID Alert NY.

COVID Alert NY is a voluntary, anonymous, exposure-notification smartphone app. You will get an alert if you were in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19. Knowing about a potential exposure allows you to self-quarantine immediately, get tested and reduce the potential exposure risk to your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and others.

The more people who download COVID Alert NY, the more effective it will be. Help protect your community while maintaining your privacy. The free mobile apps–available to anyone 18 or older who lives, works, or attends college in New York or New Jersey–are available for download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. COVID Alert NY is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Bengali, Korean, Russian and Haitian Creole.

Download the free app to your smartphone to receive an alert if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
Apple: Download on the App Store
Google: Get it on Google Play
DOROT Onsite at Home (previously On-site programs)
Dorot has made changes and moved all of our on-site programs onto a digital platform - these are now Zoom-based classes. 

To register and receive a weekly email of the upcoming classes, please send an email that includes your name and phone number to dorotprograms@dorotusa.org. For those seniors who don't have computers or technology (smartphone/tablet/cell) with cameras, you are welcome to participate in the Zoom programming by dialing in over the phone.

If someone would like to participate in DOROT programs but doesn't know how to use Zoom, please email technologyhelp@dorotusa.org. They will be happy to connect them to one of DOROT's volunteer Tech Coaches by phone, who will be able to assist.
Join the Yaldaynu Community: 2021-22 Application Process Open
Yaldaynu Preschool is currently accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year!  Yaldaynu is a child and family-centered school, defined by its warm and nurturing environment. We encourage intellectual, emotional, physical and social growth, and Yaldaynu parents are an integral part of this process. Our "neighborhood school" atmosphere promotes friendships between families that continue long after the children have moved on to other schools.  Check out our website to learn more: www.yaldaynu.org. Email office@yaldaynu.org to set up a Zoom meeting with our Director!
JWeekly Pandemic Support Group
Mondays at 7pm
COVID19 has led to a significant amount of stress, and many people need a space of connection and support. The Jewish Board of Family and Children Services (JBFCS) is sponsoring a special support group to help those who are struggling, to get through the current pandemic. These Zoom sessions will be facilitated by Jessica Cohen, LMSW.

Please contact Jessica with any additional questions, concerns or to receive information about joining by email or at 347-735-0583.
Chef's Table
Chef's Table Kosher Catering has prepared gourmet foods, delivered to customers in New York City. These are be pre-cooked, delicious kosher meals delivered right to your door.

Visit their website to view their menu.

Contact Bruce at (917)-868-7964 or his website for more information.
If you are a member, you may send "shuk" postings to shuk@anschechesed.org. All postings must have a member's contact info, and received by Tuesday at 3pm.
Postings run for only two weeks.
Sarah Allen, in honor of Morning Minyan, with thanks for being warm and welcoming when I was saying Kaddish for my father 
Ronne Mandelker & Andrew Braiterman, in memory of Elisheva Urbas' father, Rabbi Stanley Urbas 
Naomi Schwer Bricker & Elliot Bricker 
Ann Cohen, in honor of Tamara and Martin Green 
Evelyn Wortsman Deluty 
Helane Rosenberg & Yakov Epstein, in memory of Rabbi Amy Kalmanofsky's father, David Kapel 
Joel Feuer, in memory of Yael Hammerman’s sister, Leah Hammerman 
Arleen Stern & Albert Gal 
Harriet Geller 
Carole & Mark Gothelf, with gratitude for being part of this community 
Milagros & Michael Greenberg, in memory of the uncle of Roberta Axelrod 
Yocheved Cohen & Joshua Halberstam 
Amy & Jeremy Kalmanofsky 
Melanie Jolson & Stefan Kantrowitz 
Alana Stevens & Asaf Kastner 
Anne Koenig 
Janis Leventhal & Shalom Leaf 
Nancy & Douglas Lee, in memory of David Kapel 
Nahma Sandrow & William Meyers, and Hannah Meyers & Joseph Abrams, in honor of our dear poet and dreidl spinner, Howard Eisenberg 
Anne Mintz 
Bettyrose Nelson 
Karen Palmer, in memory of David Kapel 
Susan & Vanderlei Pereira, with thanks for all your hard work in creating and sharing such meaningful and inspiring services in the midst of the pandemic.  Yasher Koach to all! 
Samantha Stamler 
Kara & Kobi Tav, in memory of Rabbi Stanley Urbas 
Shira Epstein & David Tolchin, in honor of Rabbi Yael Hammerman 
Anita Golbey & Lee Adlerstein 
Corinne Boren 
Esther Altmann & Richard Cantor 
Nancy Sinkoff & Gary Sinkoff, in memory of Anny Dobrejcer’s mother, Sonia Dobrejcer, and Elana Weinberg’s father, Rabbi Herbert Weinberg 
Walter & Nancy Dubler 
Linda & Burton Edelstein, in memory of Burton's father, Kalmon ben Shimon, Clinton William Edelstein 
Carole & Mark Gothelf 
Joseph Gottesman 
Ronnie & Richard Grosbard, in memory of Ronnie's parents, Pepi and Sol Geliebter, and Richard's parents, Helene and Jack Grosbard 
Deborah Crowell & Micha Lang, in honor of our community 
Celia Reiss & David Israel, in memory of Celia's mother, Evelyn Reiss 
Sherry & Richard Israel, in honor of Jeremy Kalmanofsky, with thanks for your rabbinic and personal presence, teaching, and leadership 
Jennifer Cowan & Dan Jacob 
Elizabeth & Jeff Kaiden 
Ruth Kaufman, in memory of Ruth's husband, Jacob Kaufman, and her parents, Charlotte and Chiel Morgenstein 
Francine & Jacob Kessler 
Sheila & Sheldon Lewis, in memory of David Kapel 
Susan Ennis & Owen Lewis 
Dawn Kellman & David Lock 
Jennifer & Gregory Lyss 
Michael Mantel 
Kara & Daniel Margolis, in memory of David Kapel 
Jocelyn Maskow 
Linda Messing, in memory of David Kapel 
Elisheva Urbas & David Morris 
Carolyn Cohen & Ruby Namdar 
Cindy Ness 
Naomi & Mark Paul, to Amy, Jeremy, and family in memory of Amy's father, David Kapel 
Nancy Reibstein, in memory of David Kapel, father, father-in-law, and grandfather of the Kalmanofsky family 
Suzan Rosen 
William Segal 
Rosalie Siegel 
Martin Sinkoff, in honor of Jeremy Kalmanofsky for teaching in Martin's synagogue in Israel 
Caryn & Lee Spaet 
Maron & Nahum Waxman, in honor of Joel Feuer and his dedication to our congregation and the community at large 
Amy Winarsky & Michael Takiff, in memory of our parents, Suzanne Winarsky and Alfred Takiff 
Sylvia Weber, in memory of my beloved husband, Alvin Henry Weber, and my precious son, Andrew Isaac Klee Weber, in support of the West Side Campaign Against Hunger 
Bernice Boltax, in memory of Bernice’s parents, Laura & Frank Boltax 
Corinne Boren, in memory of Corinne's father, Joseph Boren 
Carol Ingall & Stephan Brumberg, in memory of Stephan's wife, Pamela Brumberg, his father, Harry Brumberg, and his grandfather, Max Yager 
Julie Siegmund & Steve Friedman, in memory of Steve's mother, Roslyn Friedman 
Harriet Geller, in memory of Harriet's parents, Beatrice and Itzhak Geller 
Carole & Mark Gothelf, in memory of Mark's friend, Steve Vinocor 
Celia Reiss & David Israel, in memory of Celia's father, Melvin Reiss 
Jan Caryl Kaufman, in memory of Jan’s father, Stanley Kaufman 
Sarah Jacobs & David Kronfeld, in memory of David's mother, Ida G. Kronfeld 
Amy & Tom Marx, in memory of Tom's mother, Chaya Marx 
Nahma Sandrow & William Meyers, in memory of Nahma’s parents, Miriam and Rabbi Edward T. Sandrow 
Elaine & Ronald Morris, in memory of Elaine’s mother, Edna Hoffman, and Ronald’s father, Philip B. Morris 
Anita Norich, in memory of Anita's father, Isaac Norich 
Deborah Ugoretz & Samuel Norich, in memory of Samuel’s father, Isaac Norich 
Karen Palmer, in memory of Karen's son, Seth Palmer, and her mother, Mildred Golding Druckman 
Lois Roman, in memory of Lois' father, Isidore Friedman 
Barbara Rothschild, in memory of Barbara’s husband, John Rothschild 
Fran Schiff, in memory of Fran's husband, Samuel Schiff, and her parents, Mollie and Irving Goldstein 
Ralph Seliger, in memory of Ralph's father, Irving I. Seliger, Yisrael ben Yosef 
Roberta & Paul Shapiro, in memory of Roberta's father, Julius Kupietz 
Linda & David Shriner-Cahn, in memory of Linda's parents, Herta and Lester Shriner 
Diane Slaine-Siegel & Joel Siegel, in memory of Joel's parents, Ruth and Aaron Siegel, and his sister, Sandi Siegel Hessler 
Michele Siegel, in memory of Michele's grandfather, Aaron Polisar 
Patty Lipshutz & Lorin Silverman, in memory of Lorin's great aunt, Anne Mintz 
Audrey Sussman & Mitchell Smilowitz, in memory of Mitchell’s mother, Lillian Smilowitz 
Anne Koenig 
Julie Siegmund & Steve Friedman, in honor of Natasha Hirschhorn 
Michael Mantel, in honor of Natasha Hirschhorn, the Shirei Chesed choir, and JTS cantorial students for a remarkable Chanukah program 
Terry Zisowitz, with thanks to Natasha Hirschhorn and Daniella Risman for their patience and encouragement 
Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky
ext. 21

Rabbi Yael Hammerman
Associate Rabbi
ext. 208

Mark Paul

Martin Sivorinovsky
Administrative Director
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Music Director
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Joshua Hanft
Executive Director
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Darone Ruskay
Programming Director
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