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ACA News February 2017
North Council passes motion regarding action on the "problem" of "Mixing of Guided and Unguided Halibut on the Same Vessel"

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council is considering new regulations to address the "problem" of "mixing guided and unguided halibut on the same vessel." The Council issued a discussion paper on the topic, a scenario where multi-day boats, floating lodges, and boat rental operations are under different regulations and bag limits. No data is given to measure the extent of this alleged problem, which looks to us like another way to decrease the share of recreational fish. At the February North Council meeting, a motion passed to consider options to address the problem through more regulations. The measures will be voted on at a future Council meeting.

Wild Strawberry Lodge, dba Alaska Premier Charters, Inc. holds Raffle Benefit for ACA

ACA Board member Theresa Weiser has launched a raffle for several fishing/lodging packages at her family's lodge in Sitka, AK - Wild Strawberry Lodge DBA Alaska Premier Charters, Inc. In the first month, she raised $10,000 through raffle ticket sales from her own customer base mailing list! While membership dues provide a substantial contribution to ACA's annual budget, we're hoping the use of our new state gaming permit will allow us to do even more in the future to provide representation for our industry at all the important decision-making meetings that affect our recreational fisheries. For example, it typically costs about $1500 to send one rep to a week-long North Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting, depending on the location. Because of family and business obligations, Theresa says she is unable to attend the meetings herself, and she wanted to contribute funds through a raffle to support the people who can. The Alaska Charter Association is grateful for this support and thanks Theresa Weiser for her tremendous efforts! To buy a raffle ticket visit the ACA blog and view the details here.

Learn More About How Fishing Regulations are Developed

The University of Washington holds an annual seminar with fishery managers, elected officials, key stakeholders and fishermen to discuss fishery management topics, including the reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act (MSA) - the federal "constitution" that sets the framework for fishing regulations in the U.S.

We've collected a selection of short videos of some of the presentations at the 2014 "Bevan Series" of talks and panel discussions, with some very knowledgable speakers and decision makers who give an inside-baseball look at fish politics. 

Many members of our industry lack sufficient knowledge about how fishing regulations are decided, and this limits the effectiveness of public participation in the process. 

With the MSA scheduled for Congressional review, revision and update legislation, it is a great time to familiarize ourselves with the key issues (and problems) with federal fisheries law. Alaska's congressional delegation always takes a keen interest in the MSA discussions, and the changes being considered can make a huge difference to recreational fishing in the U.S. and will affect regulations of all federally-managed species of fish.

Visit the ACA Blog for a quick view of some short videos.

Charter Halibut Committee Seeks More Representation

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council is seeking nominations for seats to be filled on the Charter Halibut Committee to include a 3A representative from a community that is not on the road system, and a 2C representative from one of the smaller communities to complement representation from Juneau and Sitka. Nominations are open until March 31. Representatives will be named at the April Council meeting. Please send a letter of interest to

Please forward this announcement to anyone you think may be interested in serving on the Charter Halibut Committee.

-Steve A. MacLean
Protected Species Coordinator / Fishery Analyst
North Pacific Fishery Management Council

Economic study shows 10X more economic value for fish landed in recreational fishery

[Streamed live on Feb 8, 2017]

"Gordon Gislason, a fisheries economist from Vancouver, British Columbia, talks about a framework he has developed for analyzing and comparing the economic value of the two kinds of fisheries. As a case study, he estimated the commercial and recreational values of Chinook salmon in Pacific Canada.

"Commercial and recreational fisheries are very different: the commercial fishery is a resource extraction, processing, and retailing industry; the recreational fishery is a form of outdoor recreation, influenced not only by the availability of fish but by the environmental setting and other factors aside from fish. How can we make a fair comparison of their economic value?"

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