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This month, our feature articles focus on how to measure ERP and why it is vital to success to focus on your star performers.  This is in response to manufacturers and distributors feedback in Lisa Anderson firm's Skills Gap research study which said that 87% are experiencing a skills gap and 77% struggle to find qualified candidates.

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Employee Performance: 
Do Not Ignore Your Stars

By Lisa Anderson


Since the beginning of 2014, the job market has been robust and employers are struggling to find high-skilled, qualified candidates for key 

positions. I've talked frequently about this skills gap and performed researchon the topic as I am convinced that those who get ahead of the skills gap will thrive and leave the rest in the dust.


One key component to succeeding while others continue to struggle with the skills gap is to retain top talent. I cannot tell you how often employee performance is overlooked at my clients and in organizations across the globe. My estimate is that 80% of companies under appreciate their top talent. 


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Use a Dollar Focus to Measure the Performance of Your ERP System

By Doug Howardell


You went through all the effort and expense of

implementing a new ERP system, so how is it working out? Do you have a way of measuring how well it's being used?


An ERP implementation is usually a sizable investment in relation to your yearly sales. Every company who has been through the pain can tell you exactly how much they spent and how long it took. Most companies can tell you if they achieved a return on that investment and how they got the ROI, but what's happening today? How do you measure how well the system is being used? What is the right measure of an ERP system performance? 


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