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ACA News Update October 2016  

Charter Halibut Meeting Held in Anchorage

The Charter Management Implementation Committee (CMIC) held its meeting in Anchorage.  The purpose of the meeting was to provide a list of potential management measures to be analyzed for their effect on harvest reductions for 2017.  Prior to the meeting, a preliminary charter halibut harvest estimate for Areas 2C and 3A for 2016 was released ( Scott Meyer report).  Preliminary estimates are based on logbook data up to the end of July and projected to the end of the year.  The estimates revealed that Area 2C was under its allocation by 62,354 lbs. or -6.9 percent and Area 3A was over its allocation by 166,523 lbs. or +9.2 percent. 
Area 2C asked for the same range of harvest measures used in 2016 to be analyzed for the 2017 season which will be updated with current stock information provided by the IPHC in November.
Area 3A potential management measures to be analyzed (all with a one trip per day limit, two-fish daily bag limit unless otherwise noted, 4-fish annual limit, and Wednesday closure):
1.  Maximum size limit on one fish, potentially combined with an          annual limit
       a.  Maximum size 26" - 30"
       b. Annual limit 4+
2.  Additional day of the week closure from July 1 - Aug 15
3.  One-fish halibut bag limit for July
       a. Option to extend one-fish daily bag limit from mid-July to                   mid-Aug
4.  Status quo with Reverse Slot Limit on one fish, second fish 28"        or under
       a. Range of slots between U28 - O80.
The recommended harvest measures that would keep each Area under its allocation will be made at the next CMIC meeting on December 7th in Anchorage.  Comments on potential harvest measures for Area 2C should be addressed to Richard Yamada at and for Area 3A to Daniel Donich at or Mike Flores at f

ADF&G to Pilot Test Electronic Saltwater Logbooks

A demonstration of a new electronic form of the paper based Charter Saltwater Log Book was given during the Charter Management Implementation Committee meeting in Anchorage.  The software can be downloaded on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers in both IOS and Android platforms.  The goals are to provide a timely and user-friendly means for reporting catches and is designed to save captains time in filling out trip reports.  The future ability to import client fishing license information by scanning bar codes will also aid busy captains.  If you wish to participate in the pilot, please contact Bob Powers at  Another demonstration will be conducted during the December North Council meeting in Anchorage.  Please contact ACA if you wish to participate in a webinar demonstration of the electronic logbook.  The implementation of the new electronic logbook is scheduled for 2017.
IPHC Call for Proposals

The International Pacific Halibut Commission is accepting requests for 2017 regulatory changes or management actions for review at the Annual Meeting in Victoria, BC January 23 - 27, 2017.  The deadline date for submission is October 31, 2016 .   The submission form can be downloaded using this link or can be requested by calling the Commission offices at (206) 634-1838. A summary of all proposals will be posted on the IPHC website when available. FAX: (206) 632-2983.  Mail: 2320 W. Commodore Way, Suite 300, Seattle, WA 98199-1287, U.S.A.  Email:

ACA Board Elections

ACA's board of directors elections are coming up, and five positions are open for two year terms. If you have an interest in serving on the board, or know someone who would be a good fit, send in nominations. Contact Jim Martin at 

Time to Renew

As the 2016 fishing season winds down, it's time to renew your ACA membership for the upcoming year. We have a lot on our agenda and look forward to working with you on the issues affecting us all. Look for a renewal notice in the form of a PayPal invoice is you paid online last year; this will make it easier for you to include your membership dues as an annual expense. 

Dues for 2017 are $200, and it includes your membership in the National Association of Charterboat Operators (NACO) - a $50 value. 

If you're a new member, it's easy to join. Just follow this link. Your donation is needed to help pay for our voice in the management process. Remember: if you're not at the table, you're on the menu.

For anglers who fish on charter vessels in Alaska, you can join as a supporting member and help protect your rights.