Strategies for Improving Business Performance                    February , 2015

The first quarter of calendar 2015 will be closing in on us before we know it.  How are your plans progressing?  It can be a great time to take stock of your market, customers, goals, plans, and results - how can you modify for March and /or next quarter to increase success?

This month, we are highlighting top business trends.  Taking these into consideration when reviewing your Q2 plans might be beneficial.  Since minimizing and eliminating waste is always a good idea, we have also highlighted this topic with "Who Pays for Waste?"

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Trends at the Top

By Lisa Anderson



I find that keeping an eye on trends is one of the best ways to ensure long-term success. If you are able to identify a changing trend early on, you have the opportunity to adjust plans or leverage an unexpected opportunity. In an era where volatility is the new normal, we must be vigilant with trends.


In watching trends affecting executives, a few pop to mind:

1. The lack of time - No executives have time. If we can find ways to speed up the process (whether lead times, the time to close the month, or the time to get detailed data for an important decision), success will follow.

2. The need for top talent - As customer requirements expand and complexities increase, the need for top talent surges. Even in a status quo environment, there would be a need for top talent as baby boomers begin to retire and people 

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Who Pays for Waste?
By Andy Pattantyus


What is waste? Waste (or Muda) is anything (activity or material) that does not produce value for the customer. There are two kinds of Muda. Type 2 Muda is waste we can see and quickly eliminate using point kaizen. Type 1 Muda is waste that is systemic, hidden in plain sight, and is very difficult to eliminate without a concerted, sustained and systemic effort. We will talk about that in the next issue. How wasteful is the average "non-lean" manufacturing company? In my practice, I have found that it is possible to double the production in the same space without increasing labor costs, and with very little capital investment. Thus, 50% of the factory capacity is wasted. A lean colleague says "It has been proven that while up to 30% of the efforts in a factory are waste, over 60% of the efforts in an office are waste." 

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