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The American Academy of Audiology National Convention in the host city of San Antonio - March 25-28.

We applaud our very own, Dr. Helena Solodar, who served as the Convention Chair and also acknowledge Dr. Kadyn Williams, Drs. Nicole Fruth, Sandy Gaddis and Sheila Pack who participated as program sub committee chair or members on a committee for the convention. Just as we are committed to and believe in informing and educating our patients, so too do we believe in educating and updating our knowledge to better serve our patients.  


Dr. Kelli Smith, Dr. Katherine Pollard, Dr. Sandy Gaddis, Dr.Nicole Fruth, Dr.Kadyn Williams, 
Dr. Helena Solodar, Dr. Meryl Miller, Dr. Sheila Pack, Dr. Lori McCorry, Dr. Lori Smith  



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For many years, audiologists have understood the importance of treating sensorineural hearing loss with hearing aids or amplification. We've known that auditory stimulation for the hard of hearing can positively effect communication.  But not until recently has the research around this topic been so impactful. We would like to share some comments from a few researchers who have dedicated a great deal of their career focusing on the link between hearing loss, cognition and functionality.


"There appears to be a significant relationship between peripheral hearing and cognition related to measures of cognition that assessed processing speed, executive function, or memory, as well as global cognitive status."

Ear Hear. 2015 Jan 13. [Epub ahead of print]

Peripheral Hearing and Cognition: Evidence From the Staying Keen in Later Life (SKILL) Study.

Bush AL1, Lister JJ, Lin FR, Betz J, Edwards JD.


"Hearing impairment is independently associated with poorer objective physical functioning in older adults."

Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2014 Dec 3. pii: glu207. [Epub ahead of print]

Association of Hearing Impairment with Declines in Physical Functioning and the Risk of Disability in Older Adults.

Chen DS1, Betz J2, Yaffe K3, Ayonayon HN3, Kritchevsky S4, Martin KR5, Harris TB6, Purchase-Helzner E7, Satterfield S8, Xue QL9, Pratt S10, Simonsick EM11, Lin FR12; for the Health ABC study


"Hearing loss in older adults is associated with increased mortality, independent of demographics and cardiovascular risk factors. Further research is necessary to understand the basis of this association and whether these pathways might be amenable to hearing rehabilitation."

J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2015 Jan;70(1):85-90. doi: 10.1093/gerona/glu094. Epub 2014 Jul 14.Association of hearing impairment and mortality in older adults.

Genther DJ1, Betz J2, Pratt S3, Kritchevsky SB4, Martin KR5, Harris TB6, Helzner E7, Satterfield S8, Xue QL9, Yaffe K10, Simonsick EM11, Lin FR12; Health ABC Study


About 20% of adults in the United States report some degree of difficulty with their hearing. People with hearing loss delay hearing impairment treatment because they are unaware of the fact that receiving early hearing treatment has the potential to literally transform their lives.


Communication is essential for engaging and participating in life.

  ...you can't begin to understand what you don't hear in the first place.



We are at a pivital time in the profession of audiology when new and innovative technology is emerging annually.
Lyric will be releasing their newest upgrade in June of this year which has hopes of even clearer and more natural sound quality. 
Whether it's Widex, Phonak, ReSound, Oticon. Starkey, Siemens or any other brand of hearing aids, improvements in noise reduction, speech clarity, feedback minimization, connectivity or size is the focus.


The American Academy of Audiology is the largest national association of, by and for audiologists.  Once a year, audiologists from around the world gather to engage with their colleagues in a  setting conducive to learning and networking. AudiologyNOW!2015 took place in the beautiful city of the renowned River Walk, San Antonio, Texas on March 25-28. Over 6,000 attendees participated in the offering which included 42 invited "featured" speakers on scientific and educational topics, 98 learning modules consisting of  topics that can help bring new practical information to our practice immediately, over 200 research and clinical sessions and posters, over                
75 exhibit classes and industry update sessions and over 180 exhibitor manufactures on our convention floor to share their new products
and technologies. We did find time to have fun
at our night time events and meet new colleagues and doctoral students along the way.
We were very lucky to have the majority of our audiologists on staff attend this educational and information convention.




 1kg.white button mushrooms

3 onions fine chop

4 cloves garlic, fine chop

2 cups milk

Vegetable stock

? cup sherry


               Salt and pepper

          2 tablespoons butter

             2 thyme stalks

Heat butter in a pot, add onions and garlic and cook gently until soft, add mushrooms and mix well.  Cook until mushrooms are  half cooked.

Add milk and top up to just cover with vegetable stock and add thyme stalks.

Cook  until the mushrooms are soft, remove the thyme.

Remove from heat and blend until smooth.

Season to taste.

When heating to serve, add a bit of croutons and cream to enrich the soup.

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