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Lyric's technology produces incredible, natural sound quality and is 100% invisible. Lyric Hearing Aids are placed deep in the ear canal and use the ear's natural anatomy to direct sound to the device, where it is then amplified to the ear drum. Users experience improved ability to determine where sounds are coming from.

Lyric's unique placement deep in the ear canal means it stays in the ear for 6-10 weeks at a time so you can hear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no daily insertion or removal of the device and no batteries to change. 


You can wear the Lyric hearing aid during your daily activities such as sleeping, showering, exercising, driving, attending the theater or concert, watching a movie, using external headphones, talking on the phone.  


You must be a candidate to wear Lyric and our audiologists will be able to determine if Lyric is right for you. The newest version of Lyric will be available in June providing a sharper and clearer sound quality in a more reliable device. 


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Whether it's time for your annual hearing test or you are having an evaluation for the first time, it is important to be educated and proactive in your hearing health.  The purpose of the hearing test is to determine if there is a hearing loss, the severity of the loss and the course of treatment. The tests that are performed will also give us a good indication of your ability to hear and understand conversation in a quiet and noisy environment. The first evaluation serves as a baseline to compare future tests. Annual hearing evaluations are recommended to monitor the status of your hearing loss. If you currently wear hearing aids, the new evaluation also provides us with current information to be able to fine tune and reprogram your hearing aids accordingly. We know that every "small" change in hearing can be perceived as a "big" change in speech clarity.  Monitor your hearing regularly.    



Research indicates that hearing loss from noise affects nearly 17 percent of 12-to-19 year olds in the United States, and if they continue to be exposed to hazardous sounds, they will have significant hearing problems much earlier in life than one would normally expect.

These are some simple tips to follow:

  • Walk Away and Plug Your Ears: The distance between you and the source of the sound will help reduce the intensity at which the sound is reaching your ears.
  • Use earplugs: When you know you will be exposed to loud sounds, use earplugs.
  • Leave the fireworks to the professionals: Make sure your family and friends fully enjoy the summer and 4th of July festivities by celebrating smart. Stay a safe distance away-where you can enjoy the colors and lights, but not expose yourself and your family to loud noises.
  • Turn it down: When listening to smartphones and MP3 players, limit your use of headphones and ear buds. Remember, it's not just the volume that matters; it's also the duration of time spent listening.
  • Visit our office on an annual basis: Any one of our audiologists can provide a hearing test to determine your baseline hearing level and determine if you have any hearing loss that should be addressed. We also can provide custom-fitted ear protection to help you preserve your hearing. 

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We encourage all patients to take care of their hearing aids and learn the best way to maintain them to achieve the best performance. Although it is not unusual to experience an occasional hearing aid repair, the culprit is usually moisture or earwax. In fact, manufacturers report that as many as one-half of the aids they receive for repair are malfunctioning due to moisture or earwax.

The Dry & Store Global II accessory removes moisture, dries earwax, and deodorizes your hearing instruments.  The Global II model even kills germs, thanks to its UV-C germicidal lamp. For most users this results in fewer repairs, better sound quality, relief from itchy ears, longer battery life, and fresh and clean hearing aids.   


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