A scene from The Snow rehearsal

Set Design: Rachel Atkinson

Lighting Design: Channing Schreyer

Puppet Design: Caroline Reck

Photo credit: Jamie Rogers

Letter from the Director of The Snow

The Snow is a play for both children and adults written by playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer. Kruckemeyer’s mission is to make “strong and respectful work for children, which acknowledges them as astute audience members outside of the play, and worthy subjects within.”

In The Snow, we are introduced to the young character of Theo and the tiny village that they live in called Kishka. A huge snowfall has trapped the residents in the town and no one (especially the adults) knows what to do in order to end the snow. Except Theo, who believes they have an answer to solve the problem -- which begins by them beginning a treacherous journey and ultimately discovering the cause.

The family play, which I expected to be light for some reason, is quite deep in what it is trying to say. About those in charge who keep doing the same thing over and over again but expecting the same results. Not listening to new ideas or new courses of direction- not listening to each other -- not listening to the younger, perhaps wiser and more accepting generation. The play (though written in 2015 with inspiration from folk and fairy tales) is frighteningly a mirror to the divisions in society that we are all experiencing. We see that played out a bit between the 2 villages depicted in the play.

I also appreciate how the role of Theo, the child, is front and center. We are allowed to see Theo take matters into their own hands by brainstorming decisions, making mistakes, and feeling genuine sadness at times throughout some of the play’s events. In doing so, Kruckemeyer allows young audiences the chance to see themselves truly on stage and as an essential driver to the story.

I think the cast & production team (and the ACC Drama Department as a whole) understand and recognize that the play is such a wonderful & playful visual treat, with an important message about community and acceptance. 

We just cannot wait to have audiences come and experience The Snow!

Jamie Rogers


poster design by dreux carpenter

The Austin Community College Drama Department is happy to announce our production of The Snow by Finegan Kruckemeyer!

February 16th - March 5th 2023

Thursday & Friday 7:30 PM

Saturday & Sunday 2:00 PM

(Show recommended for ages 8 to Adult)

When an epic snowfall imprisons the residents of the tiny village of Kishka, young Theodore Sutton proposes the villagers build a catapult to fling him and six of the village’s bravest and strongest out in search of a solution. The catapult hastily assembled, Theodore and the heroes are launched over the snow and into the grandest of adventures. Whimsical and humorous, dark and mysterious, heartfelt and sincere, this play weaves a fantastical Grimmsian tale for the entire family.

Tickets on sale now! 

All ticket sales go directly to ACC Drama & Dance Scholarship fund.

General Seating: $8.00

Kids 12 & Under: $5.00

The Snow Tickets



Interview by Jamie Rogers

Where are you from? 

I am from Round Rock, Texas.

Were you involved in theatre when you were in high school? Any past theatre experience on stage or behind the scenes?

I was very involved with my theatre program in highschool. I was also a part of the Georgetown Palace Education Company for 2 years.

What were the reasons you decided to enroll at Austin Community College? 

I wanted to enroll in ACC to become more involved with theatre in Austin.

Any favorite classes in the Drama Department and why? Important things you have learned so far?

My favorite classes I have taken in the drama department are acting one and two. I have made some very close friends and learned a lot about myself as an actor. I’ve also learned how to be more confident in myself and my choices on stage

You are currently cast in our spring 2023 production of The Snow. Can you tell us a bit about the character you play? And what the rehearsal/performance process was like?

Theo is a very complex character to live in. They feel the responsibility of rescuing the community they love, while also fighting prejudices from others about their size. Saving the day is a hard task for anyone, imagine how a child would feel.

Ryan Alexander, Sarah Ferguson and Faith Trapane rehearsing a scene from The Snow

Puppet Design: Caroline Reck

photo credit: Channing Schreyer

Do you attend school and have outside employment? If so, how do you find a balance between work and drama department involvement?

I do have a job to balance with rehearsals and school. My saving grace is my calendar I carry with me everywhere I go.

Any overall advice to give to current Drama Majors on ways to get them involved in the Department?

Just go for it! Put yourself out there and do theatre. As long as you love it, you can’t go wrong..

What does the future hold?

I wish I knew.



Interview by Jamie Rogers

Where are you from? 

I was born and raised in Dallas, TX. After turning 18, I actually moved around the country for a few years, living in several states, before settling down here in Austin, TX, where my family is originally from.


Were you involved in theatre when you were in high school? Any past theatre experience on stage or behind the scenes?

I have never actually been involved in any theater production before attending ACC. I grew up studying film production, but my heart always yearned for being with all the theater kids. Getting to be part of a production like The Snow has been a new and exciting experience for me.


Why did you decide to pursue a career in theatre? What areas are you exploring?

I am an artist at heart. I spent many of my years pursuing things that didn’t make me happy and I finally decided to live the life I’ve dreamt of, which is making art. Once I started my studies, I realized how many job opportunities a career like this can bring. I can find a job as a makeup artist, wig maker/stylist, costume designer, etc., and I have a love for each of these areas.


Can you tell us a bit about your design process? 

I like to personally connect with each design I come up with. I use a lot of emotion in my work, always trying to convey a feeling in my creations. Taking instances of life and correlating it to a design has a powerful impact. Telling a story is always the goal.


What were the reasons you decided to enroll in the AAS Degree Certificate program at Austin Community College?

Several years ago, I stumbled across a little television program called RuPaul’s Drag Race. The outfits, the makeup, the wig, I was mesmerized by the beauty, and all I could think of was creating works of art like the ones I was seeing. I wanted to learn how to sew and make outfits, I wanted to learn makeup, and how to make and style wigs. When I read about ACC and their programs, I found that they have classes for all of these subjects. I couldn’t sign up fast enough! I am on my 3rd semester and I am loving every minute of it. I also find that the things I am learning go outside of what I initially wanted, drag. Opportunities for theater productions, filming, and fashion shows; the skills I am learning can be applied to so many different jobs, which is very exciting.


What Certificate are you pursuing?

I am pursuing the Makeup Artistry and Costume Technology Certificates


Any favorite classes in the Drama Department and why? Important things you have learned so far?


I especially loved the Wig Construction class. It is definitely not for everyone, but it was something I certainly enjoyed. I learned how to sew in weft hair, ventilate, dye, and style hair. I also really enjoy the makeup classes. I am currently learning how to make prosthetics, which is something I have been eagerly awaiting! And lastly the sewing classes. To create something from nothing has been an exciting process and journey. I am always proud of what I have created. 

Coursework Designs by Avery

What designs have you been currently working on in class this or last semester?

Last semester I created a wig from a historic period. My first ever wig creation was actually chosen to be the cover photo for last semester’s Showcase, which was an incredible feeling! This semester I am working on making prosthetic pieces for my Character Makeup Class, and also creating looks for our Spring production The Snow.


You are currently the Assistant Costume Designer for our upcoming production of The Snow. What has the process/work been like? 

At first, I was a little nervous, as I had only taken 1 Intro to Sewing class. However, I have been proud of what I have been creating so far. I have made hats from scratch, which I didn’t think I’d know how to do. I am putting in input and giving ideas of what I think will look good for certain outfits. I am getting to see hand on, how the production process goes, and a process it is! It’s exciting to know that what I am helping create is going to be seen by an audience.


Do you attend school and have outside employment? If so, how do you find a balance between work and drama department involvement? 

I do have a job downtown, which I work at outside school hours. The first couple of semesters, I felt like I could do it all and completely overworked myself. I found how important it is to find days to have to yourself to recover. The body doesn’t just need physical rest, but mental and emotional as well. I find that if you can find one day a week, or even just a few minutes a day, to dedicate solely to making yourself the most calm and comfortable you can be, then you can tackle homework, projects, school, work, and whatever else life throws at you a lot easier. Meditation and yoga can really change someone’s day. Just remember to make time for you.


Any overall advice to give to current Drama Majors on ways to get them involved in the Department? 

Just do it! Do what interests you and makes you happy, and take any opportunity that comes with it. There will be moments of doubt, you might even think you’re not good enough so you don’t even try. But if your heart is in it, then go for it. I promise, you will impress yourself on what you can do.


What does the future hold?

I hope to find outside gigs while I am currently taking classes. As of now I have been asked to be the Head Makeup Artist for a short horror film, which is has been a really cool first gig! I know the more I get involved, and the more I progress in my studies, that more opportunities like this will arise. By the time I graduate, I hope to have enough connections to start a full career in this industry.

DR. HEATHER BARFIELD offered introductory remarks to a screening of the new opera, Eva and the Angel of Death, which she directed in Spring 2022. The screening was hosted by the Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies at University of Texas at Austin. More information can be found here. Barfield has also been selected to participate in the competitive Artificial Intelligence Curriculum Redesign Initiative at ACC with the goals of implementing specific AI tools for teaching many aspects of drama production, from playwriting to design.

ANDREW HEINRICH did voice over work for a serial narrative podcast called The American Immortal. To listen to, click on the link

DR. JAMEE KENNEDY is on the board and sponsoring a fundraising event on March 1st for the African Children's Choir. More information available on the link.

CHANNING SCHREYER is the Technical Director for FronteraFest's Short Fringe which runs January 17th - February 18th. She will also be traveling with the Dance Department for the 50th anniversary of American College Dance Association (ACDA) South-Central Conference. The conference takes place at Sam Houston State University and she will be serving as their Lighting Designer and Technical Director.


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