ACC Drama Spring 2022 Updates!
The cast of Everybody
Set Design: Ia Ensterä
Painting by Stagecraft 1 class
photo credit: Lindsey Ollinger
Letter from the Director of Everybody

When I first encountered Everybody by Braden Jacobs-Jenkins, I was immediately inspired by his modern interpretation of the 15th century morality play Everyman. My imagination was captivated by Jacobs-Jenkins' reimagining of allegorical characters told by an ensemble of actors who draw a lottery each night for the roles they will play. Yes, you read that correctly. There will be a lottery every night! Fun for the audience and terrifying for the cast and crew.

Growing up in the Rio Grande Valley, La Lotería or “Mexican Bingo” was everywhere. The vibrant images evoke memories with family, friends, and a deep sense of cultural pride. It was my introduction to the game of chance. With a history dating back to the 15th century (à la Everyman), reimagining La Lotería’s iconography for this show was my way of visually creating a parallel adaptation to the work of Jacobs-Jenkins.  

Everybody tells the story of our shared humanity. My hope is that it causes you to pause, reflect, and reset with compassion for yourself and others. This is our first show with a live audience since 2020 and we couldn’t have chosen a better production to welcome you back to the theatre. Thank you for taking the journey with us and supporting ACC Drama.

Yesenia Garcia Herrington

poster design by dreux carpenter
costume renderings by Jennifer Rose Davis
The Austin Community College Drama Department is happy to announce our production of Everybody by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins!

Performances will be February 17th - 27th
Thursdays-Saturdays 7:30 PM
Sunday 2:00 PM

Due to COVID-19, performances will be limited to ACC faculty, staff and students. Audiences limited to 50 per performance.

ACC faculty, staff, or students wanting to attend a performance of Everybody, please contact Marcus McQuirter at for a ticket.
Everybody by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Directed by Yesenia Garcia Herrington
Set Design: Ia Ensterä
Props Design: Miguel De Hoyos
Lighting Design: Rachel Atkinson
Costume Design: Jennifer Rose Davis
photo credit: Lindsey Ollinger

Interview by Jamie Rogers
Where are you from? 

Mineral Wells, TX

Were you involved in theatre when you were in high school? Any past theatre experience on stage or behind the scenes?

I was! I did One Act Play during Junior High and all 4 years of High School. I also did short musical productions that my church put on when I was in elementary school. There were multiple plays that were shown at my school, and sometimes I would act as a directors aide for the elementary school plays in between my high school productions.

What were the reasons you decided to enroll at Austin Community College? 

I wanted to get my associates degree before transferring to a university, and I wanted to move to Austin with my best friend. My friend was already attending classes and she told me about the great theater program. 

Any favorite classes in the Drama Department and why? Important things you have learned so far?

That’s a difficult question, I have taken quite a few drama classes and all my professors have been wonderful. One class that I had fun in was Stage Makeup. My hobby outside of acting is Cosplay (Costume Play) which requires a bit of makeup skills. I learned a lot of interesting techniques in that class and I still keep pictures of my work. I also learned a few industry standards when it comes to regular stage makeup and the “getting ready” process for a play. 

You are currently cast in our spring 2022 production of Everybody. Can you tell us a bit about the character you play? And what the rehearsal/performance process was like?

I play the characters Girl and Time. I also play a skeleton during the Dance Macabre scene. The little girl is a character that represents youth and innocence in the show. Time is a representation of time itself and acts as a diplomat towards the end. The rehearsal process has been tricky due to current COVID safety measures, but it has been so much fun. I have not been in a production since my senior year and I have enjoyed every minute of it. 
Savanah and cast rehearsing a scene from Everybody

photo credit: Lindsey Ollinger
Any favorite ACC Drama Production?

I have not had the pleasure of seeing any productions, but I did catch clips of The Sightless, and it looked amazing.

How has the transition been for online/hybrid learning during COVID-19?

It was a mix of both. I do much better in person because I am a hands-on learner, but the online lectures made it easier. I have started to get used to online but I very much look forward to being in person again. 

Do you attend school and have outside employment? If so, how do you find a balance between work and drama department involvement?

I was previously employed, but my previous job was too demanding with the required hours, so I decided to focus on school. I do freelance work for my mom’s small business and deliver food when I have time. 

Any overall advice to give to current Drama Majors on ways to get them involved in the Department?

Be friendly and just put yourself out there! Make friends! I am far more comfortable in the drama department now than I was two years ago. I made an impact on my professors and involved myself in the department. It’s so fun being able to go on campus and recognize almost all the drama professors and faculty members. Just being yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone will help a lot.

What does the future hold?

My career in acting and voice acting taking off, making new friends and connections, and constantly getting better at my craft and skills.


Interview by Jamie Rogers
Where are you from?

I am from McAllen, a city in the South Texas region. It was a quiet city with a majority Hispanic demographic at the time. Thanks to the tight knit support system of my family, I ended up in Austin 10 years ago and have had relative success.

Were you involved in theatre when you were in high school? Any past theatre experience on stage or behind the scenes?

I was not involved in theatre during high school. I do not have any experience on stage or behind the scenes. I am excited to be involved in any way my skills can be utilized.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in Costume/ Makeup Design?

I have always enjoyed the opportunity to dress up, whether I am going to a renaissance festival, costume conventions, or themed birthday parties. I have always preferred to craft my own attire rather than buying a cheap quality substitute that leaves me unsatisfied. Being self-taught, I feel that I need proper instruction to help bridge the gap to the next level of ability and products.

Can you tell us a bit about your design process?

I have always created props and costumes from inspirations I see in culture, movies, anime, video games and my own designs. Then, I will sketch pattern ideas and fabricate them for headwear, accessories, and weapons. I feel that good accents complete the costume.

What were the reasons you decided to enroll in the AAS Degree program at Austin Community College?

I felt my Hospitality Career had run its course and wanted to utilize my creative nature and hobbies towards working in the field of my favorite medias. Right now, I am trying to find a path to pursue. I have dedicated my initial phase to makeup and costume design, I have found every class thus far insightful.

Any favorite classes in the Drama Department and why? Important things you have learned so far?

I believe Collaborative Design has been my favorite class. Rachel Atkinson provided a lot of guidance in working with diverse personalities and multiple designers and their styles. The class was able to provide me important foundations of theatre and networking. I have learned that everyone has different ability levels and that work is not a competition, rather an opportunity to learn from or teach others tips to elevate their quality of work.

What designs have you been currently working on in class this semester? What work have you been most proud of in past semesters?

We are currently working on fabricating loteria card style character backdrops for Everybody, ACC’s Drama Departments first spring play of 2022. I have been most proud of my Eagle character makeup transformation as well as my Hachiman mythology character makeup transformation from stage makeup with Stephanie Dunbar.
Miguel De Hoyos and Hachiman project!

You are the Props Designer for our upcoming production of Everybody! How has the process been?

I am grateful for the opportunity to be involved with the production. The staff has been delightful and extremely supportive of my ideas. I am excited to see my props in action during the live performances and use any feedback to supplement future projects
Do you attend school and have outside employment? If so, how do you find balance between work and drama department involvement?

I do not have a standard form of employment currently. I combine “gig work” and student loans to keep me afloat. I work when I can around the intensity of assignment loads on a week-to-week basis thanks to detailed syllabus and class calendars provided by the professors. 
Any overall advice to give to current Drama Majors on ways to get them involved in the department?

Make yourself available through your personality and time outside of class. Peers and Professors reciprocate your efforts. Everyone is working in a forward direction; help keep the momentum going.

What does the future hold?

The future is a bright enigma. My only wishes are to continue to work with my fellow students and professors on a professional level once I have earned my reputation and credentials.
CAROLINE RECK is Co-Artistic Director for Glass Half Full Theatre and they were just awarded a Production Grant from The Jim Henson Foundation to create Yamel Cucuy, an original theatrical performance featuring humans and large scale puppets that will debut in October 2022. Caroline is also a co-writer and the director for the project. The description is: “Thirteen year-old Yamel, an undocumented immigrant in hiding, navigates a treacherous emotional and sociopolitical landscape through interaction with the folkloric spirits of her cultural heritage.”

GREG ROMERO has two plays selected to be presented at the Mid America Theatre Conference (MATC) in March 2022. His full-length play, FALLING DOWN THE MOUNTAIN OF GREAT STORMS, is selected for the "Plays-in-Progress" program and his short play, ZOE THROUGH THE SUBWAY DOG DOOR, will be presented in the "Dramatists Play Lab."


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