Unfortunately, Senate Bill 649 has advanced out of the Senate and is now in the Assembly. The bill has been double referred to the Assembly Local Government Committee, and the Assembly Communications & Conveyance Committee. The Association of California Cities - Orange County (ACC-OC) is in strong opposition to SB 649, due to the b latant circumventing of local government jurisdiction when applied to revenue collection and discretionary review

SB 649 would establish a streamlined permitting process for small cell wireless facilities, and limit the fees that local governments may charge for placement of small cells on city or county owned infrastructure. This is concerning to cities in Orange County and throughout the State, because it severely restricts the ability for cities to make necessary discretionary decisions related to the aesthetic and safety of small cell and wireless infrastructure within their jurisdictions. 

ACC-OC asks  that you contact both the Assembly Local Government, and Assembly Conveyance & Communications Committee Members urging them to vote in the best  interest  of all cities across the State by Opposing SB 649 when the bill is heard in their committee. We have included ACC-OC's letter of Opposition and a Sample Opposition Letter for your use and review: 
Please contact the Legislators' Sacramento offices on the attached committee member  contact sheets. The committee hearing dates have not yet been set for SB 649, and the bill will most likely have to be heard in the Assembly Local Government Committee  before moving to the Assembly Communications & Conveyance   Committee

As SB 649 moves through the legislative process the ACC-OC will make regular updates, and analyze the effects of the Legislature's actions on local government. Should you have any questions please contact Legislative Affairs Director, Diana Coronado at  (714) 953-1300 or at

To view the full list of ACC-OC legislative positions click here