The Legislature has until this Friday, June 2nd, to pass all bills out of the house that they were originally introduced in, known as the "House of Origin Deadline". During this week both the Assembly and the Senate will be voting on hundreds of pieces of legislation to advance those measures further down the legislative process. ACC-OC has identified the following bills that are of the most importance to the well-being of local government, and we ask that you contact your legislative representatives urging them to vote in the best interest of the Orange County cities they represent. 

To view a list of our Orange County state delegation members, the cities they represent, and their contact information click here. Please contact the Legislators' Sacramento offices. For Senate Bills (SB) call the listed Senators, and for Assembly Bills (AB) call the listed Assembymembers. 


SB 649 (Hueso - D)
The bill would establish a streamlined permitting process for small cell wireless facilities, and limit the fees that local governments may charge for placement of small cells on city or county owned infrastructure. This is concerning to cities in Orange County and throughout the State, because it severely restricts the ability for cities to make necessary discretionary decisions related to the aesthetic and safety of small cell and wireless infrastructure within their jurisdictions. 

AB 1668 (Friedman - D)
This bill creates a new drought response plan by making numerous changes to water supply planning, and drought planning to incorporate climate change, and enhance water supply analysis. Unlike the Rubio bills, being supported by ACC-OC (below), this bill would require three separate reporting mechanisms, which would be unnecessary and burdensome to local governments.

AB 1250 (Jones - Sawyer - D)
In most cases, local governments can contract out for services based on discretionary review, AB 1250 would hamper this ability by establishing specific standards for the use of personal services contracts by counties and cities. This bill would unnecessarily burden a city or county by prohibiting the ability to contract out any work unless it meets specific criteria outlined by this legislation, significantly reducing the ability for cities to make decisions that would best serve their communities when evaluating their contracting options. 


AB 572 (Quirk-Silva - D) SPONSORED BY ACC-OC:
This bill would require the Department of Health Care Services to establish a voluntary pilot program to locate a Compliance Investigator within the County of Orange to investigate complaints against licensed adult alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment facilities. This would be an added resource for cities, helping them to enforce state and local regulations, and provide patients with better outcomes. This legislation was brought to ACC-OC by Orange County cities to combat the complex issues related to sober living facilities. 

AB 968 (Rubio - D): 
This bill would establish a new 2025 water use efficiency requirement for urban retail water suppliers, by   incentivizing  the development of resilient supplies, such as recycled water. The bill provides three options for determining targets and protects existing water rights. This creates flexibility for cities when adopting water efficiency targets. 

AB 1323 (Weber - D): 
AB 1323 would require the Department of Water Resources to convene a stakeholder working group to develop, evaluate, and recommend proposals for establishing new water use targets for urban water suppliers. A number of bills have been introduced in the Legislature proposing the next iteration of long-term water use efficiencies beyond the existing 2020 time frame. Inevitably, those bills represent different stakeholder perspectives, visions, and approaches to the development of California's future efficiency and conservation framework. In the face of these conflicting perspectives, AB 1323 takes an important and necessary step towards creating consensus recommendations that can be advanced legislatively.
ACC-OC Support Letter 
Sample Support Letter

AB 1654 (Rubio - D): 
This bill would create a new process of drought-response planning and reporting by local water suppliers. By requiring water suppliers to describe and analyze the reliability of their water supplies in greater detail, AB 1654 would improve overall urban water management planning. Annual reporting from every urban retail water supplier would allow the state to better identify suppliers experiencing water shortages, as well as suppliers prepared to deal with drought conditions. 

As the legislative process progresses the ACC-OC will make regular updates, and analyze the effects of the Legislature's actions on local government. Should you have any questions please contact Legislative Affairs Director, Diana Coronado at  or at (714) 953-1300. 

To view the full list of ACC-OC legislative positions click here