Senate Bill 649 (Hueso) has made its way to the Governor's desk and we are urging our Membership to send letters to the Governor asking him to veto the measure. SB 649 would establish a streamlined permitting process for small cell facilities, and would severely restrict the fees that local governments may charge for placement of such facilities. The bill would also limit the creation or erection of any unreasonable requirement for access to the public rights-of-way by providers, including delays in the negotiations and approvals for facilities. This is concerning to cities in Orange County and throughout the State, because it disables the ability for cities to make necessary discretionary decisions related to the aesthetic and safety of communications infrastructure within their jurisdictions. 

ACC-OC's SB 649 Sample Veto Letter, here

Last night, the Assembly passed the Affordable Housing bill package, which includes SB 35 (Wiener). The bill would adopt a streamlined By-Right affordable housing approval process. If a developer were to meet State specified planning objective standards, that project would be eligible to receive a streamlined, ministerial approval process for production, and not be subject to a conditional use permit by a local government. If a local government were to not notify an applicant of their approval within a specified time frame, that project would be permitted through the streamlined process. The bill would limit the authority of a local governments to impose requirements on streamlined development approvals, and impose new housing reporting requirements. This bill will be sent back to the Senate for concurrence, where it is believed to pass off the Floor and move to the Governor's desk for approval. We urge our Membership to prepare veto request letters to the Governor in anticipation of this outcome. 

View ACC-OC's SB 35 Sample Veto Letter, here
View ACC-OC's "Legislative Update" on the Affordable Housing bill package,  here.

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