ACC Oregon May Newsletter - 2019

By: Ty J. Gluckman,  MD, FACC
ACC Oregon Governor

Dear Oregon ACC Members:

This past week we celebrated our 16th Cardiovascular Symposium and consensus is that this was our best yet. We had our largest turnout to date with 227 attendees and were fortunate to have phenomenal talks across a broad range of topics.
Special thanks need to be given to our speakers that came from our local communities and from across the country-we were treated to the best of the best!
We also owe a debt of gratitude to our planning committee who worked hard to make the meeting a success. Rumor has it that they're eager to start planning next year's Symposium.
  • Scott Chadderdon, MD (OHSU), Program Director
  • Jayne Mitchell, ANP (OHSU), Nurse Planner
  • Alan Morasch, CAE, Chapter Administrator
  • Tami Atkinson (OHSU)
  • Castigliano Bhamidipati, DO, PhD, MSc (OHSU)
  • Charles Cannan, MG, CHB (Providence)
  • Ty Gluckman, MD (Providence)
  • Brian Gross, MD (Southern Oregon Cardiology)
  • Aly Rahimtoola, MD (Providence)
  • Ravi Ravichandran, MBBS (Legacy)
  • Ed Toggart, MD (Samaritan)
However, beyond the amazing education, the Symposium hopefully provided each of you a lot more. Whether it was connecting with old friends, creating new ones or bonding with colleagues around a particular area of interest, the meeting helped reinforce to me the value that comes from being a member of the ACC. To this end, I'd like to highlight two related areas in this month's newsletter-the newly launched ACC Member Hub and the ever-growing Cardiovascular Team Section.

ACC Member Hub

Recently launched, the ACC Member Hub was created to make it easier for individuals within the College to connect, collaborate, and communicate through a new online community ( ). You can build your own network, search for upcoming College events, start or join a discussion group, or serve as a mentor. Go through the web ( ) or download the Member Hub app for your iPhone ( ) or Android ( ) device today.

The College is having a competition amongst Chapters between now and October 25th to see which Chapter can get the most members to sign up for the Member Hub.....It's Free to Access and Use, and a great way to connect with others throughout the Chapter and Country.

Cardiovascular Team Section:
As is probably well known to all of us, health care is a team sport. Practices that are organized into teams are more efficient; have higher quality; see increased patient, clinician and staff satisfaction, and perform better financially. Perhaps best said by Helen Keller-"Alone we can do so little; together we can do such".
Non-physician care team members have always played a critical role in cardiovascular medicine and this is no less true today. Whether you work in the hospital or the clinic, are employed or independent, or consider yourself a generalist or a subspecialist, these team members are our unsung heroes.
In its new strategic plan, the ACC is striving to be an indispensable resource for all cardiovascular professionals . . . throughout all stages of their careers. Whether you're interested in networking with colleagues, advocating for professional practice concerns, or engaging in leadership development, the CV Team Member section ( ) is open to all interested members. To this end, please encourage your nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, cardiac rehabilitation specialists, administrators, service line leaders, cardiovascular technologists, and sonographers (to name a few) to get involved by joining the ACC. And for a limited time, we've made special arrangements with the ACC to have these individuals join at a discounted rate of $142.00 ( )-an amount that covers your dues through 2020!

CVT Professionals Joining the ACC in May - $142 which includes ALL of 2019 AND 2020 AND Chapter Dues.
Encourage your CVT Team Members
 to Become ACC Members
They'll Never Have a Better Opportunity!
Finally the ACCPAC
Perhaps unknown to many of you, the ACC continues to work with Congress, state legislators and other key decision makers to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health. One important arm of this effort is the ACC Political Action Committee (ACCPAC), a non-partisan member-driven organization that increases the political power and reach of the ACC so that your voice and concerns may be heard. Please consider making a personal contribution to the ACCPAC  ( No  amount is too little to help make a difference!!
Ty J Gluckman, MD, FACC
Providence Heart Institute

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