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Phase II Update
April 26, 2016                                                                                       
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April ACC Phase II Update

The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (Department) is working with our partners to develop the next phase of the Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC). Phase II of the ACC seeks to leverage the proven successes of Colorado Medicaid's programs to enhance the Medicaid client and provider experience. Learn more about ACC Phase II.

New ACC Phase II Overview & Behavioral Health Framework Resources
For the next few months, the Department is focused on finalizing policy decisions based on stakeholder feedback gathered over the past year and writing the draft request for proposals (RFP). Following an intensive internal review process, the Department will post the draft RFP later this fall for public comment. The public review of the draft RFP is an essential part of the process and an opportunity for stakeholders to provide comments and recommendations that can improve the program.
As a result of this commitment of ACC Phase II staff resources to writing the RFP, the Department is unable to accommodate all stakeholder requests for meetings or presentations. In the meantime, we have recorded two brief presentations about Phase II to deliver consistent information to the community. We encourage you to share theses resources and others available on our ACC Phase II page with your networks.
  • History of ACC
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Key Concepts
  • Procurement Timeline
  • How to Stay Informed
  • ACC Phase II Overview
  • Behavioral Health Key Concepts
  • Procurement Timeline
  • How to Stay Informed
March PIAC Meeting
Last month, the ACC Phase II team had productive conversations with the ACC Program Improvement and Advisory Committee (PIAC) on the following topics:
  • Linking clients to a provider for the length of enrollment
  • Behavioral health payment framework
  • Pay for performance strategy
We received valuable feedback that has guided our decisions. A meeting summary is available online now.
Staying Informed
We encourage all interested parties to check out for the latest stakeholder opportunities.
Questions & Feedback
The Department welcomes input on the future of the ACC. Please submit your questions regarding the ACC Phase II development using this form . We will use questions received to inform future communications regarding Phase II. We are unable to guarantee individual responses to all questions received.