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Phase II Update
August 4, 2016                                                                                       
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August ACC Phase II Update

The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (Department) is working with our partners to develop the next phase of the Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC). Phase II of the ACC seeks to leverage the proven successes of Colorado Medicaid's programs to enhance the Medicaid client and provider experience. Learn more about ACC Phase IIThe goal of ACC Phase II it to improve health and control costs by:
  • Fostering the integration of primary care and behavioral health services,
  • Improving coordination of services by advancing team-based care and Health Neighborhoods,
  • Promoting client choice and engagement,
  • Paying providers for the increased value they deliver, and 
  • Ensuring greater accountability and transparency.
Update of Request for Proposals
Currently, the ACC Phase II Team is working with internal subject matter experts to review the draft request for proposals (RFP). We look forward to sharing the draft RFP for stakeholder comment in fall 2016. Between now and the release of the draft RFP, the Department will not regularly solicit stakeholder feedback.

Federal Waiver Authority
Through our ongoing conversations with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Department has received guidance that we can seek the necessary federal authority for the program through a 1915(b) waiver. A new 1915(b) waiver will give the Department the federal authority to fulfill key components of Phase II, including automatic enrollment of members into the ACC and the utilization of one entity per region to administer primary care and behavioral health services for members.  
In preparation for our waiver submission, the Department has been working with Leavitt Partners to analyze our waiver options. As experts in CMS authorities, Leavitt Partners is also helping the Phase II Team draft the waiver request. The two consultants from Leavitt Partners have more than 65 years of combined working experience in Medicaid and state health programming. They have been valuable assets in the development and refinement of a draft waiver and communications with CMS.
The Department intends to formally submit the waiver draft to CMS on September 1st in order to open up a dialogue with them and move towards the final draft submission in 2017.

Staying Informed
We encourage all interested parties to check out our ACC Phase II site for the latest information: .