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Accountable Care Collaborative
Phase II Update
February 10, 2017                                                                                     
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The next Phase of the Accountable Care Collaborative seeks to leverage the proven successes of Health First Colorado's (Colorado Medicaid's program) programs to enhance the member and provider experience. The goals of the Accountable Care Collaborative Phase II are to improve health and life outcomes of members while using state resources wisely.
Draft Request for Proposals Comments

The Department sought targeted comments between November 4, 2016 and January 13, 2017 on the draft request for proposals (RFP) from stakeholders . M ore than 255 comments were provided on the draft Accountable Care Collaborative Phase II RFP. These comments, coupled with the feedback the Department received from 16 in-person meetings across the state and 3 live-webinars is helping refine the content for the formal release of the RFP in the spring 2017
Respondents expressed appreciation of the process and the opportunity to provide comments. Some of the themes from the feedback include:
  • Strong support for the focus on the integration of physical and behavioral health
  • Mixed response to the proposed attribution methodology
  • Requests for greater clarification regarding the six behavioral health visits that can be offered in primary care practices
  • Suggestions for stronger incorporation of substance use disorder services into the program
  • Recommendations that cannot be incorporated into the RFP, such as suggestions for expanding Health First Colorado benefits or alterations to federal managed care regulations
All comments submitted to the Department have been made publicly available and can be found on .

The Department is working to review all comments received and is making updates to the RFP that align with our agency authority, state and federal rules, and the goals of Accountable Care Collaborative Phase II.

Phase II Timeline

The Department is diligently reviewing the comments received from stakeholders and plans to release the final RFP in Spring 2017. Below is a high level timeline for the Accountable Care Collaborative Phase II.