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Phase II Update
January 13, 2015                                                                                       
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December ACC Phase II Update

The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing is looking to consult with stakeholders on the future of the Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC). The ACC is the Department's primary delivery system for health care services and supporting the health of our clients. The Department is committed to creating a high-performing delivery system that is cost-effective, delivers quality services and improves the health of Coloradans. Learn more about the ACC.

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Important Reminder: Stakeholder Engagement
We have postponed the January Open Forum (Jan. 14) meeting based on the robust feedback from stakeholders over the last few months. The ACC Phase II Team is revising our stakeholder engagement plan and looks forward to sharing more information in the coming month.
The ACC Phase II Team will continue to utilize the currently scheduled ACC Program Improvement and Advisory Committee (PIAC) and the PIAC Provider and Community Issues Subcommittee to solicit feedback. These meetings are open to the public and have a call in option for participation. For meeting information go to .

December Meeting Summaries
The Department has made available meeting summaries from the following ACC Phase II feedback opportunities. The summaries can be found at .
Timeline & Procurement
The Department is currently reviewing the Phase II procurement timeline. It is the Department's priority to look at the timeline and revise it, if needed. We have been aware that our original proposed timeline was aggressive given the need for robust stakeholder feedback and discussions with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). We have received significant feedback from our partners and want to ensure our steps forward reflect the needs of the Department, our members, the physical and behavioral health provider community, county and community partners and other stakeholders. While evaluating the Phase II procurement timeline, we are also:
  • Identifying dependencies,
  • Consulting with CMS on the appropriate authority and waivers required to implement the program
  • Consulting with the behavioral health community on how best to collaborate,
  • Continuing to strengthen our primary care provider engagement, and
  • Working with national policy experts
The Department is committed to having a fair, open and transparent process that complies with state procurement rules. When considering organizational requirements and guidelines for submitting proposals for the new Regional Accountable Entities, the Department needs to take into consideration:
  • Potential levels of risks associated with different types of organization types (i.e. national organizations, community organizations), and
  • Key program principles such as a regional design with some local controls and community approach.
The Department has not made decisions regarding any requirements, guidelines or restrictions at this time. We are committed to working with our partners to ensure a successful Phase II and hope to release additional information in the coming month.
Phase II Team
The ACC team is in the process of revising some positions following recent staff changes and will be incorporating additional team members into the ACC Phase II process.
At this time, the following HCPF staff are working on Phase II:
  • Executive Team Leadership: Laurel Karabatsos
  • Phase II Policy & Stakeholder Questions: Mark Queirolo
  • Phase II Communications & Stakeholder Questions: Colleen Daywalt
  • Current ACC & RCCO Questions: Susan Mathieu
All stakeholder questions and feedback should be submitted using this form on our website.
Submit Your Questions & Feedback
The Department seeks to ensure all stakeholders have access to the same information about the Phase II process, thus we will use the questions we receive via email and at stakeholder meetings to regularly update our frequently asked questions and enhance our ACC Phase II page. Use this form to submit your questions and feedback online