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Phase II Update
March 16, 2016                                                                                       
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March ACC Phase II Update

The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (Department) is working with our partners to develop the next phase of the Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC). Phase II of the ACC seeks to leverage the proven successes of Colorado Medicaid's programs to enhance the Medicaid client and provider experience. Learn more about ACC Phase II.

Behavioral Health Reimbursement Framework
The Department has developed a high-level model further defining the February 2016 program decision regarding the reimbursement of behavioral health services in ACC Phase II. The Department will retain a capitation payment to support the full continuum of behavioral health services from outpatient therapy to alternative community services to crisis response and hospitalization. One significant change from the current capitation will be limiting the use of the covered diagnosis requirements, where possible, in order to improve access to care.
In addition to the capitation, the Department will be reimbursing more behavioral health services delivered within primary care settings for low acuity and brief episodic conditions. To support integrated care, the Department will define a new set of services for behavioral health providers who work as members of primary care teams.
Additional details on these reimbursement strategies will be made available as they are finalized through the draft Request for Proposal for ACC Phase II. Read more about the behavioral health reimbursement framework here
February 9 Webinar: FAQs Now Available
On February 9, Medicaid Director Gretchen Hammer and Deputy Medicaid Director Laurel Karabatsos hosted a call and webinar with stakeholders to discuss the ACC Phase II procurement timeline and behavioral health reimbursement program decision. FAQs are available online now.
Opportunities for Engagement & Staying Informed
The ACC Phase II Team will continue to utilize the currently scheduled  ACC Program Improvement and Advisory Committee (PIAC) and Subcommittees to solicit feedback. These meetings are open to the public and have a call in option for participation. Notes will be available online following the meetings.
We encourage all interested parties to sign up for the ACC Phase II Stakeholder Updates list. The Department will use this list and our site,, as the primary vehicles to announce feedback opportunities and Phase II developments. Stakeholder can also find previously published stakeholder updates on our website
Questions & Feedback
The Department welcomes input on the future of the ACC. Please submit your questions regarding the ACC Phase II development using this form . We will use questions received to inform future communications regarding Phase II. We are unable to guarantee individual responses to all questions received.
To request a presentation please use this form. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate all requests for presentations at this time and strongly encourage you to participate in the  stakeholder opportunities listed on this page.