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Request for Proposals
May 11, 2017                                                                                     
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The next phase of the Accountable Care Collaborative seeks to leverage the proven successes of Health First Colorado's (Colorado Medicaid's program) programs to enhance the member and provider experience. The goals of the next phase are to improve health and life outcomes of members while using state resources wisely.  Learn more here.
Request for Proposals Now Available

The Department has released the formal request for proposals (RFP) for seven Regional Accountable Entities for the next iteration of the Accountable Care Collaborative. 

The RFP documents are available on our Accountable Care Collaborative Phase II website here   for stakeholder viewing and are current as of the initial posting on May 11, 2017.

Potential bidders must access the RFP using the State's procurement website   for the most current information . The deadline for proposal submission is July 28, 2017.
In accordance with State procurement rules, the Department may only respond to questions from potential bidders regarding the RFP through the official inquiry process. The Department is also restricted from discussing the RFP until contract awards are formally announced and all protests and appeals are settled.

For more information regarding State procurement rules, please see the State of Colorado Procurement Manual

Draft Request for Proposals Comments

The Department would like to thank stakeholders for their ongoing support and feedback during the development of the Accountable Care Collaborative RFP. The Department has worked diligently to distill, and where possible, incorporate comments received on the draft RFP .
Respondents expressed in their comments overall support for increasing integration of the behavioral and physical health systems, increased focus on member responsiveness, and increased steps to build the health neighborhood.
The Department was able to make some updates to the RFP and encourages stakeholders to review the final scope of work in the RFP for additional details. Some reoccurring comments, however, were unable to be incorporated in to the RFP by the Department including:
  • Requests for expanding Health First Colorado benefits
  • Requests for alterations to federal managed care regulation language and requirements, including number of deliverables
  • Requests for prescriptive requirements impacting specific target populations
  • Recommendations that are more appropriate for implementation rather than contracting

Stay Informed
We encourage all interested parties to check out our Accountable Care Collaborative Phase II site for the latest information: .