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Accountable Care Collaborative
Phase II Update
November 27, 2017                                                                                    
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The next phase of the Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC) seeks to leverage the proven successes of Health First Colorado's (Colorado Medicaid's program) programs to enhance the member and provider experience. The goals of the next phase are to improve health and life outcomes of members while using state resources wisely.  Learn more here.

The Department is pleased to announce the protest period associated with the Request for Proposal for the Regional Accountable Entities (RAEs) for the next iteration of the Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC) has ended. The entities listed below will be awarded contracts.
Rocky Mountain Health Plans  
Northeast Health Partners  
Colorado Access  
Health Colorado, Inc.  
Colorado Access  
CO Community Health Alliance  
CO Community Health Alliance  
The Department has made available online the  proposals  from each of the awarded entities on  

The Department  continues  to prepare for the implementation of the next phase of the ACC  and will be immediately focusing on contract negotiations with the new vendors.  After the beginning of the  new  year , the Department will begin sharing more detailed information and plans to help providers and stakeholders prepare for the program transition.    
Below are  the  major implementation milestones.  

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We encourage all interested parties to check out our Accountable Care Collaborative Phase II site for the latest information: .