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October 2023

Happy Halloween, Riverbats!

We have some exciting news from our Student Affairs SIS Modernization Project Team including updates from the Workday Implementation team, a continuation of our monthly video series, and our Workday Game of the Month series where you can test your knowledge (and win fun prizes).

Working with Workday

As prefaced in our last newsletter, Workday returned onsite earlier this month for the Architecture and Configuration phase. During this visit, the ACC Project Team and Workday consultants conducted productive discussions and collaboration as Workday presented the most current version of the ACC Workday Student Information System. ACC’s business processes were examined to ensure the final product meets the functional areas’ specific needs. Additionally, the ACC Project Team and Workday team also identified four different Organizational Change Management (OCM) workstreams: Training, Communication Content Development, Readiness & Acceptance, and Testing Preparation. The OCM workstreams will collaborate with Student Affairs and Instructional stakeholders to ensure ACC faculty and staff are ready for the upcoming SIS transition. Thank you to all of our ACC Subject Matter Experts who attended and provided valuable expertise. Until next time!

Workday Student Roadshow

The SA SIS Core team traveled to the Hays Campus on Friday, October 13th, for our first Roadshow, where we had the opportunity to meet with staff members from various departments. We provided an overall timeline transition update as well as a demonstration of a student needing assistance with removing a residency hold, program of study change, and viewing their financial aid awards.  

Thank you to everyone who could attend! The audience participation and engagement led to robust discussions regarding the implementation of Workday Student and what can be expected in the future. 

Congratulations to Annette Hernandez, who won the raffle prize of a Student Affairs Yeti Tumbler! 

Join us in person, November 3rd, at the Round Rock Campus for our next Roadshow. RSVP here. In the meantime, let us know what else you would like to see covered when we come to your campus for the Student Affairs Workday Student Roadshow by completing this form. And if you don’t see your campus on the list, don’t worry! This is just the beginning. We’ll be visiting everyone before the project ends.

See you in Round Rock in November!

October Workday Video of the Month

This month we are continuing our series, Workday Video of the Month! Each month we will bring you a short video highlighting features within Workday Student, sharing helpful tips and tricks, or providing information on Workday Student best practices.

You can view this month’s and past month’s videos on the Student Affairs SIS Modernization website at

Let us know what you would like to see covered in our video series by emailing [email protected]!

October Workday Word of the Month

Load Status

At ACC we use the term Enrollment Status for much of what is covered by Workday’s term Load Status.

In Workday Student, Load Status defines rules for Workday-delivered (aka what is set by Workday and not customizable) class standings, such as Freshman, Second Year, etc. Class standing sorts students so that Workday can correctly process registration and financial aid. The Load Status policy definition also defines minimum units that make up Workday-delivered values such as part-time, full-time, less than ½-time, etc. We can use this information for multiple institutional purposes such as tuition calculation, enrollment verification, and financial aid award packaging.

October Workday Game of the Month

 Workday Word Search

Congratulations to Ashley Moir, Specialist, Area of Study Advisor for winning September’s game of the month!

Rules for submission: The winner of the Game of the Month is selected raffle-style. To have your name entered in October’s raffle, please have your completed submission sent to [email protected] no later than November 14th. Players must have all answers correct to be considered.

You can be a winner too! Test your Workday terminology knowledge for a chance to win fun prizes in our Workday game of the month.

Complete the challenge and submit your answer(s) to [email protected] with the subject line Workday Game of the Month and you will be entered into a monthly drawing to win cool prizes! With a new challenge every month, there will be plenty of opportunities to test your knowledge.

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