ACC Weekly Announcements    April 20, 2020
Pastors, Church Administrators and Secretaries, Bulletin Editors:
These weekly announcements are meant to be a helpful resource, especially for those of you who put your congregations' bulletins together on a weekly basis. If there are ways we could present this information more effectively please don't hesitate to pass on your ideas or give feedback.

Some churches forward the following information and community life announcements to their members using email while others post various events in their weekly bulletin, on their church website, or Facebook page. This and past columns are available on the ACC webpage at atlanticcoastconference.net/ba.
Please let us know if there are additional ways we can assist you as we serve together. 

Brook Musselman
Conference Coordinator, Atlantic Coast Conference 
(717) 394-8107

Spring Delegate Session Results
Thanks to all delegates who completed the electronic voting form over the past  weekend. We received 71 total responses. In response to proposed action items, delegates:

  • Unanimously received the 2019 Fall Assembly Minutes
  • Unanimously received the March 31 year-to-date finance report
  • Unanimously approved the 2020-2021 budget
  • Unanimously approved the bylaw amendment to extend indemnification to the ministerial investigative team
  • Shared a total of 64 nominations for open 2020 leadership positions

Thanks also to those who joined us on the Saturday morning conference call. It was good to be together and connect, if only in a small way. We appreciate your interest in conference life and in being the body together!

The update video is still available to view at atlanticcoastconference.net/assembly
The Spring edition of CURRENTS is available
The Spring edition of Currents is available now.

Copies are NOT being mailed to congregations so pastors and administrators are encouraged to share the digital version with members. Physical copies are available upon request.

This edition includes stories and reflections on how the ACC community is learning to cope and thrive during the current health crisis.

View this edition online here.

Check out the Currents webpage to see past issues and the theme for the Summer edition: atlanticcoastconference.net/currents
New Resources for Congregations
To help make the numerous resources available to congregations more accessible, any resources shared over the last few weeks, along with those below, will be compiled at atlanticcoastconference.net/covid-19-resources/ .
Everence, MCC, and MDS launch COVID-19 Congregational Relief Fund
Everence, Mennonite Central Committee U.S. (MCC U.S.) and Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) have launched a COVID-19 Congregational Relief Fund to aid churches facing financial crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the full article at themennonite.org/daily-news/everence-mcc-mds-launch-covid-19-congregational-relief-fund/
Zoom meeting for worship planners who use Zoom for worship
Wednesday, April 22 at 2pm.  Join pastors and others who are using Zoom for worship to exchange ideas for worship and share tips and techniques about using Zoom. What has worked for you? What has not? Rachel Nolt, pastor at Akron Mennonite Church will facilitate the gathering.

Meeting ID: 875 4211 2516
Password: 185014
To join by phone, dial 929-205-6099

Contact Rachel Nolt with any questions: rnolt@akronmench.org or 717-859-1488
Assessing a need (respond by May 3)
A small group from Akron Mennonite and Pilgrims Mennonite is concerned about housing and assisted living for adult children with disabilities who live with aging parents in our community. 

We are gathering information about the need in Lancaster County. Our concern focuses on adults who functioning at a level that does not qualify them for programs at Friendship Community or other such programs, but who nonetheless rely on their parents for significant support. These are adults who may have issues of cognitive or physical function, mental health or other diagnoses. Many of these adults are employed but have difficulty with financial and health decision-making. Many of them would live precariously close to homelessness without assistance. 

If you have such situations in your congregation, please contact Brook Musselman with the number of such cases. If you would like to be in conversation with someone in the small group assessing the need in our community, please contact Rachel Nolt, pastor at Akron Mennonite at rnolt@akronmench.org or 717-859-1488.
Landis Communities Announcements
Clergy-To-Resident Communication
During these unprecedented times, Landis Homes wants to provide clergy with additional options for connecting with residents. Our Pastoral Services team stands ready to help you connect with residents in all levels of care via iPads and a number of video chat platforms. If you would like to schedule a time to speak to a specific resident, contact Donna Mack Shenk at 717-381-3568 or DShenk@Landis.org.
Apply for The Shalom Project
The Shalom Project is accepting applications for our upcoming program year, which starts in August! These days are uncertain and can be stressful...a year with The Shalom Project helps you focus on faith, explore vocation, and surround yourself with supportive community.

Blood Drive at Forest Hills
Forest Hills Mennonite Church
100 Quarry Road, Leola, PA
Thursday, May 14
2pm - 7pm

All donors will receive a $5 Sheetz gift card.

Donors must sign up:

MC USA Announcements
How should pastors and leaders engage in a highly charged political environment? Scott Peterson, leadership pastor of Trinity Mennonite Church in Glendale, Arizona, addresses this in Mennonite Church USA’s three-part webinar series, entitled “ Jesus on the ballot: Anabaptism and American politics.” To view all or part of the series, visit http://thegatheringplace.us/ (Download a PPT slide for congregational display.)

Learn, Pray, Join
Sarah Nahar (neé Thompson) of the Central District Conference shares her passion for God’s creation and creative ways that congregations can make a difference in her blog, “In the name of Jesus, in service to all beings.” http://mennoniteusa.org/service-to-all-beings