May 2018

ACC News
ACC Awards $1.2 Million in Cultural Exchange Grants
Asian Cultural Council has awarded 45 grants to individuals and organizations whom they will support over the next 18 months.

Group 33 South 10th Anniversary: Taiwan and Indonesia Intersect Through Dance
The Asian Cultural Council Taiwan Foundation has a particularly supportive community in Taiwan.
ACC Grantee Highlights
Matthew Welch: "The Dynamic Stream of Culture"
In 2017, composer, musician, and conductor Matthew Welch embarked on a six-week ACC Fellowship in the Philippines.

Jun-Jie Zhan: Making Connections (Stage) Left and (Stage) Right
Jun-Jie Zhan - playwright, screenwriter, and theater director - explores daily life and social issues of contemporary Taiwan.

Sarah Mui: Where the Common Ground Lies
Sarah Mui came to the U.S. to observe architectural practices and to meet with organizations working with ageing communities.
Alumni Events Around the World
Our grantees are involved in projects, performances and exhibitions taking place around the world. See the exciting things they are doing!
The mission of the Asian Cultural Council is to advance international dialogue, understanding, and respect through cultural exchanges that nurture the talents of individual artists and scholars in Asia and the United States.
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