ACC media release: November 17, 2020
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ACC applauds GOA red tape reduction
EDMONTON — The Alberta Chambers of Commerce (ACC) is expressing its support for Bill 48—the Government of Alberta's latest red tape reduction measure.
Among other measures, Bill 48 proposes to standardize municipal subdivision and development timelines—addressing a key concern of respondents to the ACC's survey program, Alberta Perspectives.
Timelines topped the list of barriers respondents faced in undertaking a development project in an October 2020 Alberta Perspectives survey.
In an Alberta Perspectives survey the ACC undertook last month, nearly 50 per cent of respondents who had recently carried out a building or development project identified timelines as a barrier to their project. This number was even higher in 2019, with 64 per cent of survey respondents citing timelines as a barrier to development.
In 2019, more than 60 per cent of Alberta Perspectives survey respondents who had recently undertaken a development project identified timelines as a barrier, with nearly 20 per cent citing timelines as the most significant barrier to their project.
"Alberta's business community has told us time and time again that red tape in various forms is a major barrier to their success, with development timelines being a key example," says ACC President and CEO Ken Kobly. "At a time when job creators are facing more pressures than ever, it's vital for government to streamline processes and reduce administrative burdens where it can. I applaud the Government of Alberta's latest step to do just that."

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