ACC Media Release—February 27, 2020
For immediate release
ACC response to Alberta Budget 2020
EDMONTON — Following the release of today's provincial budget, the Alberta Chambers of Commerce (ACC) is recognizing the stability it offers business while cautioning about the potential impacts of continued global economic uncertainty.

"Predictability and stability are incredibly important to the business community, and today's budget was very positive in that regard," says ACC President and CEO Ken Kobly. "This budget continues on the path government set out on in October, with an eye to restraining operating costs while supporting private-sector job growth."

Kobly also identified commitments to review the Municipal Government Act, enhance local business competitiveness, and improve commercial transportation corridors as wins for Alberta's business community.

However, Kobly notes that given ongoing global economic uncertainty, which includes factors like COVID-19 and fluctuating oil prices, it is important to be cautious about budget projections.

"Given current global economic conditions, it's important to recognize the very real potential for our provincial revenues to be impacted," says Kobly. "If and when this happens, government will have to be flexible and respond to ensure Alberta workers and Alberta businesses are not negatively affected."

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