Monthly News + Updates | December 2019
Atlanta College & Career Academy (ACCA) - Phase II Informational Session - November 21, 2019
ACCA - Focusing on Skills to Enhance Employability
Employability - Taking it to the Next Level!
Employability skills—also known as work ethic, soft skills, lifelong learning skills, workplace readiness skills, or 21st century skills—refers to the general skills and knowledge that are necessary for success in the labor market at all employment levels and in all sectors. Based on feedback from Atlanta's business and industry community and Georgia Department of Education curriculum, ACCA will make employability skills a top priority and integrate employability training into daily curriculum and learning experiences.
Career Aptitudes and Construction Updates
* Make an informed decision! Students must complete the YouScience survey before completing ACCA's online application. Available free via MyBackPack, YouScience enables students to identify their natural talents and careers. Questions about YouScience? See your school counselor.
Construction Progress: Renovations are underway to the Parks Building - future home of the Atlanta College and Career Academy program. Want to learn more? Access this link to the ACCA Construction Progress Report.
Interested in participating during the 2020-2021 school year? 
Apply online December 9, 2019 - January 2, 2020. 
Questions about the online application? See your school counselor!
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